“I am a proud homophobe, yes.” President Jair Bolsonaro uttered this sentence back in 2013 when he was just a low-level congressman. The intolerance it represents was a constant presence in his rhetoric since he was first elected to...

SocietyDec 01, 2019

Brazil’s new challenge against HIV

The first registered case of AIDS in Brazil came...

PodcastSep 11, 2019

Explaining Brazil #77: Rio’s war on a gay kiss

Is a gay kiss obscene? Rio de Janeiro Mayor...

Brazil WeeklySep 09, 2019

Brazil zeroes in on privatization model for ports

Good morning! Today, we discuss the government’s quest to...
homophobia Anderson Daronco

Sports Aug 26, 2019

Is Brazilian football finally starting to fight homophobia?

Good morning and welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter. This week, we’re looking at the Brazilian league’s new plan to curb homophobia in...
LGBT+ lgbtq renosp

Society Aug 12, 2019

The organization working to stamp out homophobia in Brazilian public security

In July 2018, Leandro Prior gave another man a peck on the lips while he was riding the subway in São Paulo. The kiss...
brazil economy stock market

Brazil Daily May 17, 2019

A perfect storm is brewing in Brazil

Good morning. The picture doesn’t look good for Brazilian economy. Government investment at lowest in a decade. The risk of another Vale dam collapse....
Brazil's homophobia trial: what's at stake

Society Feb 20, 2019

Brazil’s homophobia trial: what’s at stake

During his presidential campaign, Jair Bolsonaro once said: “minorities should bend to the majority—or they will be crushed.” The rise of the far-right politician...
sex brazil sex workers prostitution brazil

Society Jan 04, 2018

How Brazil’s sex workers have been organized and politically effective for 30 years

Sex work is a controversial form of income. It is a subject much discussed by experts in feminism, religion, law, and politics. And its...
2017 rough year brazil gangs

Society Dec 29, 2017

2017: a rough year for Brazil

Brazil began 2017 in macabre fashion, with mass killings and violent deaths reaching alarming levels over the twelve months. In the first hours of...
Gender equality Brazil

Guide to Brazil Oct 15, 2017

Gender issues in Brazil

Of Brazil’s 207.7 million inhabitants, just over half are women. Women are gaining ground in important areas, occupying 43 percent of the workplace and...
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