Mar 30, 2020
Despite the stock market plummeting, investment funds in Brazil have actually grown during the Covid-19 crisis

BusinessMar 26, 2020

Brazil’s energy consumption drops as states go in quarantine

As Brazil's in-person economy takes a halt,...

CoronavirusMar 25, 2020

Brazil’s internet can handle the Covid-19 crisis, say officials

With the uptick of people using streaming services during...

CoronavirusMar 23, 2020

Bolsonaro’s new decree comes in for criticism

The decree foresees suspending workers for four...

Coronavirus Mar 22, 2020

Remote work not an option for millions of Brazilians

As Brazil scrambles to contain the novel coronavirus spread, many have switched to remote work. But for poorer Brazilians, that's not really...

Business Mar 22, 2020

Companies and authorities rushing to avoid supply shortages

After declaring public calamity in the state of São Paulo due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor João Doria made a clear appeal to the...

Coronavirus Mar 19, 2020

Should Brazil give a universal basic wage in response to Covid-19?

This economist has criticized the government's proposals to protect the Brazilian economy. He says a universal wage would be a good start

Coronavirus Mar 18, 2020

Brazilian companies forced to adapt to remote work with Covid-19 crisis

The outbreak has forced many Brazilian companies to send their employees to work from home, but this falls into a series of...

Coronavirus Mar 17, 2020

Brazil throws money at Covid-19, but will the plan work?

Analysts have identified some contradictions in the Economy Minister's stimulus plans, saying they involve very little "new money" 

Business Mar 13, 2020

What to expect for Brazil’s telecom sector if Oi sells its mobile operations?

Brazil's telecom market is already concentrated; if Oi were to sell its operations to competitors, there is a fear that consumers will...

Business Mar 11, 2020

Prosecutor General cozies up to the government in truckers’ dispute

As the imbroglio between truck drivers and transportation companies rages on, Prosecutor General Augusto Aras toes the government line and supports the...

Business Mar 10, 2020

After Mariana and Brumadinho, mining remains unsafe in Brazil

Even after two horrific dam tragedies over the last five years, the mining sector in Brazil is still precarious

Business Mar 10, 2020

How the 2020 oil crisis is set to disrupt Brazil

As GZero Media’s Alex Kliment puts it, Russia and Saudi Arabia have engaged in “a crude game of chicken.” Over the weekend, Riyadh decided...

Business Mar 06, 2020

Stocks, lies, and conference calls: the scandal of reinsurance firm IRB Brasil

After being accused of market manipulation and lying about investment Warren Buffet's multinational conglomerate, reinsurer IRB Brasil saw its stocks plummet

Business Mar 05, 2020

Brazil’s social security reform creates boom in private pension market

Approved in late 2019, Brazil’s pension reform tightened up retirement rules in the country and have now forced the new generation of workers to...

Business Mar 04, 2020

Lowest GDP growth in three years highlights Brazil’s dire need for reforms

The Brazilian economy posted 1.1 percent GDP growth in 2019—the worst performance since the country dug itself out of recession in 2017. While the...

Business Mar 03, 2020

Brazilian analysts vaccinate stock portfolios against coronavirus

With Brazilian markets dipping severely in February, analysts of major brokerage firms are reshuffling their portfolios to guard against losses during periods...

Business Mar 02, 2020

Government going after big debtors to recover unpaid tax

The total amount of debt that 4.6 million Brazilians and companies operating in the country currently have with the federal government equates to a...

Business Feb 27, 2020

Could the coronavirus outbreak create a supply shortage in Brazil?

Demand is heating up in Brazil—but the coronavirus outbreak could hinder the economy as local industries may find themselves without supplies from Asia
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