As Brazil’s financial markets blossom, the entire investment industry develops alongside it. But this burgeoning growth is not without its ups and downs. In 2020, Brazil’s Securities Commission (CVM) will have the chance to untangle one of the main...

BusinessJan 17, 2020

Minimum freight table: a Trojan horse for truckers?

With minimum freight prices codified in law,...

BusinessJan 14, 2020

New franchising law opens the door to more foreign investments

A quarter of a century on, Brazil...

BusinessJan 13, 2020

Brazilian air travel: the future is private

We speak to the head of the...

Business Jan 10, 2020

Brazil’s infrastructure for sale in 2020

After privatizing and selling many infrastructure assets in 2019, the government is looking to attract even more investment this year

Business Jan 09, 2020

After a stellar year, is there still time to enjoy Brazil’s bullish stock market?

Analysts are buoyant about this year's prospects for Brazil's financial markets, after an excellent showing in 2019.

Business Jan 05, 2020

How to transfer money to and from Brazil

Unlike South American counterparts such as Argentina and Ecuador, where U.S. Dollars are readily accepted, Brazil is quite closed as far as financial transactions...

Business Dec 31, 2019

How Brazilian holidays affect the economy

In 2020, Brazilian workers will enjoy 11 national holidays, seven more than 2019—not even including state and municipal bank holidays. While it poses an...

Business Dec 27, 2019

The most liberal places to do business in Brazil

A decade ago, a running joke in Brazilian politics was to say that if you put all the Brazilian liberals together in one place,...

Business Dec 21, 2019

Despite improvement, Brazil far from going back to black

Brazil’s Congress approved the federal budget for 2020, the first proposed by the Jair Bolsonaro administration. The forecast indicates gradual improvement to Brazil’s public...

Business Dec 19, 2019

Brazil tries to regulate gig economy. It could get even worse for workers

Since Brazil escaped its worst recession on record, unemployment rates have slowly—yet consistently—gone down. But new data from Brazil’s official statistics agency sheds more...

Business Dec 18, 2019

Bolsonaro year 1: Economy

Despite political hiccups, the government managed to oversee the approval of the boldest pension reform ever passed in Brazil. That was only possible thanks...

Business Dec 12, 2019

What to expect from Brazilian agro in 2020?

After a bright 2019, Brazilian corn prices are set to maintain high levels, sustained by a smaller production forecast and booming demand, according to...

Business Dec 11, 2019

Monitoring slave labor in Brazil’s fast-fashion industry

The use of slave labor in the fast-fashion industry has been a recurring object of scrutiny. The 2015 documentary “The True Cost” offers a...

Business Dec 09, 2019

Behind the “IPO of the decade”: the story of XP Investimentos

From two unemployed youngsters teaching people how to invest in the stock market, to the leading investment platform in Brazil, co-owned by the largest...

Business Dec 04, 2019

Cannabis investments blazing in Brazil

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes remains taboo in Brazil, with the majority of the population still against legalizing the drug. However, regulators...

Business Dec 03, 2019

Brazil continues on path of slow growth

Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP) is up by 0.6 percent over Q3 2019 when compared to the previous quarter. The result was slightly better...

Business Dec 02, 2019

Trump wants to come after Brazil steelmakers. What to expect?

Monday got off to a turbulent start after U.S. President Donald Trump used his Twitter account to threaten Brazil and Argentina with new import...

Business Nov 26, 2019

Brazil’s plan to slash bank spreads

The Brazilian benchmark interest rate—known as Selic—has never been so low as it is today. However, any benefits from this move have yet to...
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