Feb 18, 2020
Brazil has huge potential to use its rivers as cargo transportation routes, but the system is dramatically underused

BusinessFeb 14, 2020

Heineken celebrations watered down by legal dispute

Only days after Dutch brewing company Heineken announced that...

BusinessFeb 13, 2020

How tax cuts on fuels may impact Brazil’s tax reform?

President Jair Bolsonaro has engaged in tax...

BusinessFeb 12, 2020

The government’s railway plans to get Brazil back on track

Railway concessions aim to increase the amount...

Business Feb 08, 2020

Brazil’s current account deficit: reason for concern?

Events in China and Argentina led to a growth in the deficit of Brazil's balance of payments. Should we be worried?

Business Feb 06, 2020

Lower interest rates may boost Brazil’s real estate market

The Brazilian Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee has once again lowered the country’s benchmark interest rates, to a record-low 4.25 percent a year. It...

Business Jan 31, 2020

How will the Iowa caucus impact the Brazilian market?

The choice of Donald Trump's adversary in the 2020 U.S. election begins at Monday's Iowa caucus. Whatever the outcome, Brazilian markets will be affected

Business Jan 28, 2020

Gun market soars in Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro

On the campaign trail, Jair Bolsonaro was a firm advocate for more guns in the hands of "upstanding" citizens. His first-year moves...

Business Jan 27, 2020

Brazil’s new rules to curb money laundering

Brazil’s fight against money laundering hit the headlines at multiple points in 2019, first and foremost when the president’s son, Flávio Bolsonaro, became the...

Business Jan 22, 2020

Brazilian beer giant convicted in dispute over 116-year-old shares

Brazilian brewing giant Ambev is facing a bill of over BRL 300 million over an equity dispute that dates all the way back to...

Business Jan 21, 2020

Brazil is updating its investment agent regulation. What comes next?

As Brazil’s financial markets blossom, the entire investment industry develops alongside it. But this burgeoning growth is not without its ups and downs. In...

Business Jan 17, 2020

Minimum freight table: a Trojan horse for truckers?

With minimum freight prices codified in law, the Brazilian government wants to avoid a new truckers' strike. But the move might have...

Business Jan 14, 2020

New franchising law opens the door to more foreign investments

A quarter of a century on, Brazil updates its franchising legislation and companies in the sector are delighted

Business Jan 13, 2020

Brazilian air travel: the future is private

We speak to the head of the airport operators association to find out which privatizations lies in store

Business Jan 10, 2020

Brazil’s infrastructure for sale in 2020

After privatizing and selling many infrastructure assets in 2019, the government is looking to attract even more investment this year

Business Jan 09, 2020

After a stellar year, is there still time to enjoy Brazil’s bullish stock market?

Analysts are buoyant about this year's prospects for Brazil's financial markets, after an excellent showing in 2019.

Business Jan 05, 2020

How to transfer money to and from Brazil

Unlike South American counterparts such as Argentina and Ecuador, where U.S. Dollars are readily accepted, Brazil is quite closed as far as financial transactions...

Business Dec 31, 2019

How Brazilian holidays affect the economy

In 2020, Brazilian workers will enjoy 11 national holidays, seven more than 2019—not even including state and municipal bank holidays. While it poses an...

Business Dec 27, 2019

The most liberal places to do business in Brazil

A decade ago, a running joke in Brazilian politics was to say that if you put all the Brazilian liberals together in one place,...
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