Society August 18, 2018

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Brazilians live in an age of mistrust

brazilian crisis representation mistrust democratic institutions nostalgia military

Brazilians seem to be looking over their shoulders more than they did in the past. And the country is not only losing faith in its institutions, but citizens have also become less confident in one another. That’s what a series of surveys carried out since 2009 by Ibope Inteligência, a polling institute, shows us. Nearly… Read More »

Drug routes key to understanding rising violence in Brazil

violence brazil murder rate

Brazil has historically done a poor job monitoring violence rates. To date, the federal government has little idea of exactly how many murders happen in the country – as it still doesn’t have a consolidated database to monitor violence rates. The best indicator is a study published annually by the Brazilian Forum of Public Security… Read More »

How a group of teachers intend to revolutionize indigenous schools

indigenous schools illiteracy brazil land rights

Chapter 8 of the Brazilian Constitution is exclusively dedicated to the country’s native populations. It recognizes their right to preserve their way of life, habits, beliefs, traditions, and languages. Specific schooling programs, crafted following those guidelines, are also set by Brazil’s body of fundamental principles. However, much like most issues related to Brazilian indigenous peoples,… Read More »

Bird DNA helps explain Amazonian rivers’ role in evolution

Bird DNA helps explain Amazon rivers’ role in evolution

When the young naturalist Alfred R. Wallace left England to explore the New World in 1848, one of his key observations in the Amazon region was that large rivers were unsurpassable barriers for some species of animals, particularly primates and birds. Even more interesting, he noticed that closely related species often occupied forests on opposite sides of… Read More »

Who are the people working for drug cartels in Rio?

Who are the people working for drug cartels in Rio? organized crime murder rio de janeiro

Under federal intervention since March 2018, Rio de Janeiro has been riddled with violence and organized crime. According to the NGO Public Safety Institute, the state of Rio de Janeiro registered 40 violent deaths for every 100,000 inhabitants in 2017 – a hike of 7.4 percent from 2016. In the state capital, 70 percent of… Read More »

Brazil’s Supreme Court start debates over abortion laws

International Women's Day In Brazil abortions abortion laws

Two and a half months ago, Brazil watched as neighbors Argentina passed a law to decriminalize abortions, still pending a Senate vote. Latin America’s biggest country could soon follow the same path, as on August 3 the Supreme Court begins a series of debates on whether or not abortions should be made legal within the… Read More »

How Sergio Rodrigues revolutionized Brazilian design

sergio rodrigues Brazilian design mole armchair sheriff furniture

It was in 1957 that famous Brazilian fashion photographer Otto Stupakoff turned to his friend Sergio Rodrigues, then a 30-year-old architect, for a “mission.” He wanted a comfortable armchair on which he could relax after a long day’s work. That request ended up propelling Rodrigues to international fame, as it pushed him into creating one… Read More »

What will Brazil’s population look like in 2060?

Brazil’s population, which today stands at 208 million people, will continue to grow over the next 30 years, when it will peak in 2047 at 233.2 million. From that point on, however, the country will see a gradual decline of its population until 2060, when it will have 228.3 million. The projections were published by… Read More »

How Brazilians connect to the internet

How Brazilians connect to the internet

For Brazilians, computers belong in the past. For the first time ever, smartphones have become the preferred device to access the internet in Latin America’s biggest country. Almost half of all internet users (49 percent, to be exact) only access the web on their phones, according to a recent survey by the Regional Center for… Read More »