bolsonaro denialist

cartoons Jul 09, 2020

As we have covered on The Brazilian Report, President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, after months of belittling the pandemic. This week, let’s take a look back at what the denialist president has said about...

CartoonsJul 05, 2020

Delivery workers didn’t ask for this

During the week, Brazilian bicycle and motorcycle couriers working for delivery apps staged a national strike for better pay and working conditions. Their demand...
Education Minister

CartoonsJun 25, 2020

An anti-globalist, in a globalist organization?

Brazil’s former Education Minister Abraham Weintraub is the antithesis of “do your best, forget the rest” — at the least the “do your best”...

CartoonsJun 18, 2020

Jair wants to be a millionaire

Within the next few days, Brazil is set to hit the mark of one million officially recorded coronavirus cases. Jair Bolsonaro’s “little flu” has...
Jair Bolsonaro's hide and seek: is it an impeachable offense?

CartoonsJun 11, 2020

Jair Bolsonaro plays hide and seek

If you have been keeping up with our weekly cartoons, you’ll be aware that President Jair Bolsonaro has transformed Brazil into a tragic cautionary...

CartoonsJun 04, 2020

Face your destiny

Destiny is defined as “everything that is determined by providence or natural laws.” While President Bolsonaro is clearly not an avid reader of the...
coronavirus numbers são paulo

CartoonsMay 28, 2020

You shall not pass, virus

To relax, or not to relax, that is the question. Just like other countries, Brazil has been dealing with the possibility of loosening its...

CartoonsMay 21, 2020

“There is still no scientific evidence, but …”

That sentence sums up President Jair Bolsonaro’s way of fighting the worst pandemic in living memory. Ever since Covid-19 reached Brazil in February, the...
Haircuts over health: the Jair Bolsonaro way in Brazil

CartoonsMay 14, 2020

Haircuts over health

On Monday, President Jair Bolsonaro issued a decree expanding the number of “essential services” in Brazil, including fitness centers of all kinds, beauty salons,...

CartoonsMay 07, 2020

Join the dead army!

With Brazil surpassing 100,000 Covid-19 confirmed cases and registered over 10,000 new infections a day, much of the population is growing frightened and pleading...

CartoonsApr 30, 2020

More deaths than China? So what?

After reporting a further 474 Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday, Brazil reached 5,017 total casualties related to the pandemic, surpassing the official death toll in...

CartoonsApr 23, 2020

All hail the … king?

“People usually conspire to reach power. I am already in power. I am already the president,” said President Jair Bolsonaro. “I am, in fact,...

CartoonsApr 16, 2020

Get lost, commie Grim Reaper!

Since President Bolsonaro came on the scene as a presidential candidate in 2018, Brazil’s far-right has revived a 21st century Red Scare. Though Brazil...

CartoonsApr 10, 2020

Happy corona-Easter!

CartoonsApr 02, 2020

Brazil cannot stop, says President Bolsonaro

Addressing the nation, President Bolsonaro has been blaming the media for creating a “hysterical” mood in Brazil. He also said only the over 60s...

CartoonsMar 25, 2020

Bolsonaro is striking his own country

President Bolsonaro has said, time and again, that governments’ concerns about the lethality of the novel coronavirus are exaggerated. But a report...

CartoonsMar 19, 2020

Brazil is infected

“I shook people’s hands because the people wanted me to,” said President Jair Bolsonaro, during an interview. Despite being possibly infected with the coronavirus,...
Bolsonaro and the Coronavirus

CartoonsMar 12, 2020

Beware of the viral president!

The novel coronavirus was first detected in mid-December 2019. Since then, the world has seen over 121,000 infections—and 4,300-plus deaths—spread across 114 countries. On...

CartoonsMar 05, 2020

Another Chinese “product” stealing “market share”

The words “Made in China” are pretty common in Brazil. The Asian giant is Brazil’s biggest trade partner, meaning the economic effects of the...
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