cartoons Jan 14, 2021

A shocking image for shocking times. Not only has the coronavirus killed over 205,000 Brazilians since the beginning of the pandemic, but a brutal second wave is on the horizon, thanks in part to the end-of-year holidays. It seems...

CartoonsJan 14, 2021

Brazil is broke, and I broke it

During the week, President Jair Bolsonaro said that Brazil is “broke.” While far from being the worst-performing economy in Latin America, Mr. Bolsonaro claimed...
Marielle Franco

CartoonsDec 10, 2020

1,000 days without Marielle and Anderson

Brazil’s current era of widespread polarization, often descending into hatred, has a few prime flash points. Among them was the assassination of left-wing Rio...

CartoonsDec 03, 2020

Bolsonaro needs a vaccine, but he doesn’t want one

President Jair Bolsonaro appears to relish in opposing as many rational scientific arguments as he can. When the Covid-19 pandemic started — with the...

CartoonsNov 26, 2020

“God is dead”: the world mourns Diego Maradona

The death of Diego Armando Maradona, one of the greatest players in the history of football, has touched people from every corner of the...

CartoonsNov 19, 2020

Friendship ended with Trump. Now Putin is my best friend

President Jair Bolsonaro and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have a list of things in common. From homophobic statements to authoritarian leanings, passing through...

CartoonsNov 12, 2020

When the saliva runs out, there must be gunpowder

If there’s one thing you should know about geopolitics or military studies, it’s that provoking the U.S. is probably not the smartest of decisions,...

CartoonsNov 06, 2020

Bolsonaro bawls over U.S. election

Since Tuesday, the world has been transfixed on the presidential election in the U.S. With the weekend approaching, votes are still being counted and...
Bolsonaro's nostalgia for Pinochet

CartoonsOct 29, 2020

Bolsonaro’s nostalgia for Pinochet

Last Sunday, Chileans used their masks as armor, facing the pandemic and taking to the streets with the aim of putting an end to...

CartoonsOct 22, 2020

Brazil’s vaccine wars are a political affair

This week, São Paulo Governor João Doria declared that the CoronaVac — the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac Biotech and Brazil’s...

CartoonsOct 15, 2020

Giving “dirty money” a new meaning

On Wednesday, Senator Chico Rodrigues, the government’s deputy whip in the Senate, was targeted by a Federal Police investigation into the embezzlement of BRL...

CartoonsOct 08, 2020

Half a millennium on, Brazil is still burning

Once upon a time, Brazil was a Portuguese colony. In the early days of its European “discovery,” the land went by several names, including...

CartoonsOct 01, 2020

U.S. presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro votes Trump

This Tuesday, U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden presented us one of the worst presidential debates as far as we remember. Called...

CartoonsSep 24, 2020

Bolsonaro plays Pinocchio at the United Nations

Gepetto’s wooden puppet Pinocchio, who magically turns into a real boy, is lucky that he isn’t Brazilian. Judging by the ongoing environmental catastrophe in...

CartoonsSep 17, 2020

The world’s largest wetland area, Pantanal is burning

The Pantanal region in the Center-West, Mato Grosso do Sul state, is considered as the world’s largest wetland area. So why is it that...

CartoonsSep 10, 2020

Rice is gold

Rice becomes gold. Inflation is nothing new in Brazil. In the early 1990s, the country experienced devastating hyperinflation, reaching up to 80 percent a...

CartoonsSep 03, 2020

The endangered 200 real bill

This week, the Brazilian Central Bank put the country’s new BRL 200 bill into circulation. According to the institution, the decision to create the...

CartoonsAug 27, 2020

Besides Covid-19, Brazil catches a cold

Beyond face masks, 2020 has seen Brazilians put on plenty of extra layers thanks to a sweeping cold snap. Despite its usually tropical climate,...
Handmaid’s Tale

CartoonsAug 20, 2020

The Handmaid’s Tale: Brazil

“This is Gilead!” was a common utterance on Brazilian Twitter this week; referring to fictional theocratic and repressive regime in the U.S. depicted by...
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