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Mar 27, 2020
The relief package passed to help informal workers. The rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths. And Donald Trump's latest move to topple Nicolás Maduro

Brazil DailyMar 26, 2020

Bolsonaro and governors on a collision course

The disputes between Jair Bolsonaro and state...

Brazil DailyMar 25, 2020

Brazil lagging behind in anti-Covid-19 measures

The government's efforts for economic relief against...

Brazil DailyMar 24, 2020

Sources: Political leaders negotiate Bolsonaro’s impeachment

An exclusive report detailing impeachment talks in...

Brazil Daily Mar 20, 2020

Brazil is closed for 30 days

Brazil's decision to close its borders. How the crisis slashed trust in government. And the possibility of 20-percent unemployment

Brazil Daily Mar 19, 2020

Latin America sliding into a deep recession, say banks

Growing fears of recession in Latin America. Jair Bolsonaro mimicking Donald Trump. And the lack of control in Brazilian airports

Brazil Daily Mar 18, 2020

Big cities call out Bolsonaro in spontaneous protest

Spontaneous protests against Jair Bolsonaro. Brazil to declare a public calamity after first Covid-19 death. And a case for UBI against the looming crisis

Brazil Daily Mar 17, 2020

Congress wants to place Bolsonaro in “political quarantine”

The "political quarantine" Congress wants to impose on Jair Bolsonaro. Two "Bloody Mondays" in as many weeks. Brazil's possible underreporting of Covid-19

Brazil Daily Mar 13, 2020

Bolsonaro cancels anti-Congress protests

Today will be another horrible day for investors. President Jair Bolsonaro calls off anti-Congress rallies, and the government announces its latest moves...

Brazil Daily Mar 12, 2020

The coronavirus risks within Brazil’s presidency

Brazil's press secretary is tested for Covid-19 after meeting with Donald Trump. And the new defeat imposed by Congress on the government

Brazil Daily Mar 11, 2020

How is Brazil planning to tackle the coronavirus?

We’re covering the outlook of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Brazil. The country’s latest industrial numbers. And a massive deal for the telecom sector...

Brazil Daily Mar 10, 2020

After new ‘Black Monday,’ how will Brazil react?

The aftermath of markets' hectic Monday. The effects of the oil crisis on Brazil. And an update of novel coronavirus infections in the country

Brazil Daily Mar 09, 2020

Brazilian stock market triggers a circuit breaker

This special report comes to platinum subscribers as the Brazilian stock market faces a meltdown. We’re explaining what is going on—and what to expect...

Brazil Daily Mar 06, 2020

Brazil exposed in coronavirus economy

We’re covering the government’s lack of response to curb the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy. The rise in confirmed Covid-19 cases....

Brazil Daily Mar 05, 2020

Brazil’s lost economic decade

What to make of the latest Brazilian GDP numbers. Facebook implicates First Family in fake news production. And the latest from Operation...

Brazil Daily Mar 04, 2020

Analysts slash Brazilian growth forecasts once again

Coronavirus outbreak leads to more pessimism around Brazil's economy. How the outbreak can disrupt Latin America. Budget dispute settled—almost

Brazil Daily Mar 03, 2020

Congress facing crucial vote on budget rules

The clash between Bolsonaro and Congress. How Brazil is (un)prepared for a global economic slowdown. And Lula’s risky political bet.

Brazil Daily Feb 28, 2020

Health Minister steps up to the plate as coronavirus arrives

How the government is handling the arrival of the coronavirus. The evolution of Brazil's gross national debt. And the country's dwindling support...

Brazil Daily Feb 27, 2020

The chances of a Bolsonaro impeachment

We’re covering the calls for a Bolsonaro impeachment (and the actual chances of that happening now). The markets’ dreadful Ash Wednesday. And a new...
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