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Good morning! We’re covering today the latest ILO report on Brazil’s unemployment. Has Brazilian banks’ run of massive gains come to an end? And how Russia tried to fuel social unrest in South America. (This newsletter is for premium subscribers...

Brazil DailyJan 17, 2020

With new freight table, Bolsonaro hopes to appease truckers

The new freight table: will it avoid a new...

Brazil DailyJan 16, 2020

The latest scandal in Bolsonaro’s cabinet

The latest scandal in Jair Bolsonaro's cabinet. The imminent...

Brazil DailyJan 15, 2020

Trump keeps OECD promise to Bolsonaro

The most recent twist in Brazil's quest...

Brazil Daily Jan 14, 2020

The Oscars wade into Brazil’s war of narratives

The controversial political documentary nominated to the Oscars. Brazil's new base in Antarctica. And the possibility of the government raising minimum wages.

Brazil Daily Jan 10, 2020

How politicians silently cripple local newsrooms in Brazil

A new way to cripple local news organizations in Brazil. The official 2019 inflation rate. And the newest move by a massive post-Car Wash...

Brazil Daily Jan 09, 2020

Cyberwarfare risk has increased. Is Brazil ready?

Brazil's cyberwarfare apparatus (or lack thereof). How Bolsonaro uses public banks to give the economy a boost. And a look at increasingly...

Brazil Daily Jan 08, 2020

In debt, Brazilian firms could miss out on economic recovery

Big Brazilian firms in debt could miss out on Brazil's recovery. How Brazil's relationship with Iran is developing. Bolsonaro refuses to "tax the sun."...

Brazil Daily Jan 07, 2020

How Brazil plans to avoid an oil crisis

Brazil's efforts to avoid an oil crisis. How Bolsonaro will change Brazil's Justice system. And an exclusive weather analysis of Brazil's big cities.

Brazil Daily Dec 20, 2019

The biggest stories in Brazil in 2019 … and what to expect from 2020

2019 is nearly in the books, and it will be remembered as a year of polarization for Brazil. The country saw the arrival of...

Brazil Daily Dec 19, 2019

Investigation into President Bolsonaro’s son resumes—and could affect him

Good morning! We’re covering the continuing investigation into Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, the president’s eldest son. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes’ obsession with a new tax....

Brazil Daily Dec 18, 2019

Rio de Janeiro, a city in default

Good morning! We’re covering today Rio de Janeiro’s financial collapse. And the 2020 budget—the first of the Bolsonaro era. (This newsletter is for platinum...

Brazil Daily Dec 17, 2019

After Venezuelans, Haitian and Cuban migrants flocking to Brazil

Good morning! We’re covering today a new wave of migrants entering Brazil’s northernmost state of Roraima. The pension reform (slowly) advancing in some states....

Brazil Daily Dec 13, 2019

It is uncertain when 5G technology will come to Brazil

Good morning! We’re covering today the new delays for the 5G auction in Brazil. The unintended consequences of allowing prisons after a failed appeal....

Brazil Daily Dec 12, 2019

Greta Thunberg the latest addition to Bolsonaro’s enemy list

Good morning! We’re covering today Bolsonaro’s beef with Greta Thunberg. Growing confidence in Brazil’s economy. The future of 5G. And the House’s new sanitation...

Brazil Daily Dec 11, 2019

A weak currency spells trouble for Brazilian companies

Good morning!  We’re covering today how a weaker currency harms Brazilian companies. The government’s new land regulations. And a football-fueled controversy in Brazil’s anti-corruption...

Brazil Daily Dec 10, 2019

Brazil’s job-creation program could actually hurt productivity

Good morning!  We’re covering today disagreements within the government about a job-creation program and its effects on productivity levels. The future of Brazil-Argentina relations....

Brazil Daily Dec 06, 2019

The silence around Brazil’s newest state-owned company

Good morning! We’re covering today the secrecy surrounding Jair Bolsonaro’s new state-owned company. The threat of deepfakes in 2020, when Brazil holds municipal elections....

Brazil Daily Dec 05, 2019

Hitting Jair Bolsonaro where it hurts

Good morning! We’re covering today the accusations about how Jair Bolsonaro runs a social media army. The latest numbers of the Brazilian industry. A...
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