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Feb 18, 2020
The president's war with state governors might hamper the tax reform. Courts find oil workers' strike illegal. And expectations with the Brazilian economy are going down

Brazil DailyFeb 14, 2020

Central Bank currency intervention to have short-lived effects

We’re covering today what is happening to the Brazilian...

Brazil DailyFeb 13, 2020

Analysts unfazed as Brazilian Real hits record lows

The positive impacts of the devaluation of the Brazilian...

Brazil DailyFeb 12, 2020

Budget changes give Congress rule of the roost

Congress' latest win over the Bolsonaro administration....

Brazil Daily Feb 11, 2020

Skilled workers harder to come by in Brazil

Brazilian industries can't hire qualified workers. Trump to remove Brazil's status as a developing nation. The "normalcy" of extreme climate conditions

Brazil Daily Feb 07, 2020

Brazilian producers feeling first symptoms of coronavirus outbreak

How the coronavirus outbreak in China has infected Brazilian industries. The 5G auction process kicks off. A surprise firing in Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet

Brazil Daily Feb 06, 2020

Cancer cure claims in Colombia’s (pseudo) science ministry

We’re covering today the controversy around Colombia’s science minister – who claimed to have found a way to treat cancer. The brawls between Jair...

Brazil Daily Feb 05, 2020

Industry numbers spark early 2020 pessimism in Brazil

The increasing (and awfully early) pessimism over 2020. 5G rules in Brazil. Bolsonaro's far-right roadshow in Europe

Brazil Daily Feb 04, 2020

Despite no cases, Brazil to declare coronavirus “emergency”

Brazil's moves against the coronavirus. Bolsonaro's non-committal approach to its supposed priority. And a possible change in how Supreme Court justices are...

Brazil Daily Jan 31, 2020

The Brexit opportunity for Brazilian companies

How Brexit could affect Brazilian companies. The imminent firing of the president's Chief of Staff. And new rules for loans that present risks for...

Brazil Daily Jan 30, 2020

The state of Brazil’s public finances

The smaller (but still big) public deficit in Brazil. The latest court development in the case that culminated in Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. An update...

Brazil Daily Jan 29, 2020

Are food delivery workers “entrepreneurs”?

Tech companies v. app workers. Brazil's disregard for natural disaster prevention. And the biggest modern slavery case finally goes to trial

Brazil Daily Jan 28, 2020

Brazilian markets suffer in coronavirus frenzy

Economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak for Brazil. How fires in Australia can benefit Brazilian meat producers. And the latest feud within...

Brazil Daily Jan 24, 2020

Is a Bolsonaro v. Moro clash inevitable?

Bolsonaro v. Moro. How Brazil prepares for coronavirus. And how the government is silently getting closer to privatizing Petrobras

Brazil Daily Jan 23, 2020

Authorities disagree on possible coronavirus case in Brazil

We're covering today the suspected coronavirus infection in Brazil. President Bolsonaro's improving popularity numbers. And more

Brazil Daily Jan 22, 2020

Freedom of the press under attack as Greenwald charged

Glenn Greenwald charged in latest attack on press freedoms. Brazil to allow foreign government contractors. The charges against those responsible for Brumadinho

Brazil Daily Jan 21, 2020

Unemployment in Brazil is here to stay, says ILO

Good morning! We’re covering today the latest ILO report on Brazil’s unemployment. Has Brazilian banks’ run of massive gains come to an end? And how...

Brazil Daily Jan 17, 2020

With new freight table, Bolsonaro hopes to appease truckers

The new freight table: will it avoid a new truckers' strike? Low levels of Brazil's hydropower reservoirs. And the new powers of the Solicitor...

Brazil Daily Jan 16, 2020

The latest scandal in Bolsonaro’s cabinet

The latest scandal in Jair Bolsonaro's cabinet. The imminent departure from Brazil of China's biggest private conglomerate. And how inflation hits different social classes...
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