5g podcast usa china

podcast Feb 26, 2020

The implementation of 5G in Brazil still has many obstacles in its way, not least pressure from the country's two leading trading partners
cia Manifestation in memory and repudiation of the last military civic dictatorship in Argentina

PodcastFeb 19, 2020

Explaining Brazil #96: Human rights abuses, powered by CIA technology

New revelations show the CIA sold encryption tools which allowed them to spy on South American dictatorships during some of the most...
urban planning floods São Paulo

PodcastFeb 12, 2020

Explaining Brazil #95: Brazil’s climate crisis has already begun

Heavy rains and other extreme weather events have become the norm in Brazil, with much of the blame lying with climate change...
The start of the legislative year kicks off the political calendar in 2020. And President Bolsonaro has plenty on his plate: pressing reforms, a Supreme Court vacancy, and much intrigue.

PodcastFeb 05, 2020

Explaining Brazil Podcast #94: Bolsonaro, season 2 begins

President Bolsonaro has a lot on his plate: pressing reforms, a Supreme Court vacancy, and much intrigue.
coronavirus outbreak

PodcastJan 29, 2020

Explaining Brazil #93: Coronavirus: the risks for Brazil

Even more contagious than the new strain of coronavirus that emerged in mid-December is misinformation about the disease. The number of cases is jumping...
pcc prison criminal empire brazil

PodcastJan 22, 2020

Explaining Brazil #92: PCC, Brazil’s uber-powerful criminal brotherhood

Founded by eight inmates of a São Paulo prison, the PCC has become Brazil's (and South America's) biggest drugs gang. We explain how
antarctica brazil

PodcastJan 15, 2020

Explaining Brazil #91: Antarctica, Brazil’s icy Amazon

Brazil is now ready to inaugurate its new, state-of-the-art facility in Antarctica, but research operations are in jeopardy—despite the brand-new base. The country’s top...
Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

PodcastDec 18, 2019

Explaining Brazil #90: One year of Jair Bolsonaro, explained

On January 1, Jair Bolsonaro was inaugurated as Brazil’s 38th president.  The task ahead of him was a veritable Rubik’s cube—a polarized and deeply...
modern slavery brazil podcast

PodcastDec 11, 2019

Explaining Brazil #89: Some humans still own other humans

Signed in May 1888, imperial law number 3,353 is one of the shortest ever passed in Brazil: coming in at only 18 words. But...
Steven Levitsky: Latin American democracies at risk? (Podcast)

PodcastDec 04, 2019

Explaining Brazil #88: Latin America’s dangerous game

Recent crises in Latin America show how the Armed Forces remain key power brokers in the democratic game. But using the Army as a...
Brazilian Republic November 15

PodcastNov 20, 2019

Explaining Brazil #86: The turbulent path of Brazil’s republic

Back in 1995, Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso said, in his inauguration speech: “Without arrogance, but with absolute conviction, I say: this country is going...
lula story is brazil's

PodcastNov 13, 2019

Explaining Brazil #85: How Lula’s story explains Brazil

580 days after being arrested for corruption and money laundering, former Brazilian President Lula is out of prison. And he’s grabbing all the headlines....
#84: Can blockchain fix Brazil's bureaucracy?

PodcastNov 06, 2019

Explaining Brazil #84: Can blockchain fix Brazil’s bureaucracy?

Brazil’s first blockchain baby has been born. It matters little whether you find the idea of a human being logged on the blockchain as...
Latin America

PodcastOct 30, 2019

Explaining Brazil #83: Latin America’s veins are wide open

From Chile to Catalunya, Lebanon to Hong Kong … it seems like we’re seeing protests erupt everywhere. But one region seems to have been...
green yellow submarine brazil nuclear submarine

PodcastOct 23, 2019

Explaining Brazil #82: Green and yellow (nuclear) submarine

Back in 2008, Brazil formulated its National Defense Strategy, selecting the construction of a nuclear submarine as one of its priorities. The plan was...
podcast #81: Oil, Brazil's underwater treasure

PodcastOct 16, 2019

Explaining Brazil #81: Oil, Brazil’s underwater treasure

In November, Brazil is set to hold what will be the country’s biggest oil and gas auction on record. The administration has lured international...
peru crisis odebrecht

PodcastOct 02, 2019

#80: Odebrecht’s Peruvian wrecking ball

Peru is in turmoil. The country’s president, Martín Vizcarra, has shut down Congress—and in retaliation, Congressmen have tried to remove Vizcarra from office. Lawmakers...
bolsonaro un speech

PodcastSep 25, 2019

Explaining Brazil #79: Bolsonaro flips off the world

Speaking before representatives of 193 nations—and millions watching at home—Jair Bolsonaro talked at the UN about issues that only really resonated with Brazilians. And...
amazon inc brazil

PodcastSep 18, 2019

Explaining Brazil #78: How will Amazon Inc disrupt Brazilian retail?

Launched in February 2005, the Amazon Prime membership plan came like a wrecking ball to American retailers. It single-handedly raised the bar for convenience...
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