Mar 27, 2020
Though cases of coronavirus have yet to appear in Brazil's indigenous villages, specialists fear that the epidemic could decimate traditional populations

EnvironmentFeb 15, 2020

After the horse has bolted, Brazil’s Navy locks the stable door

More than six months after the gigantic oil spill...

EnvironmentFeb 14, 2020

Brazil’s indigenous handed a “death sentence” with new mining bill

A series of administrative changes and a...

EnvironmentJan 29, 2020

Why indigenous lands are pivotal against climate change

Under threat from Bolsonaro, indigenous lands are guardians against...

Environment Jan 27, 2020

What makes Brazil the lightning capital of the world?

Influenced by weather phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña, the city of São Paulo has become a lightning hotspot. Data from the...

Environment Jan 25, 2020

One year on, Brumadinho still cries for justice

Walking on the streets of Brumadinho, the small town south-west of Brazil’s sixth-largest city Belo Horizonte, the overriding sensation is of a community in...

Environment Jan 23, 2020

Solid waste could be a goldmine for Brazilian companies

Brazil's recycling policies and statistics have traditionally been poor, but waste collection companies indicate that firms around the country are missing out...

Environment Jan 21, 2020

The real perpetrators of environmental crimes in Brazil

One year after flopping at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Jair Bolsonaro decided to skip the 2020 edition of the notorious...

Environment Jan 19, 2020

Snake Island: the Brazilian rock known as the deadliest place on Earth

Forget kidnapping, mugging, police brutality, or the Zika virus. The most dangerous spot in Brazil is a tiny island due south of São Paulo....

Environment Jan 08, 2020

Brazil’s cities getting hotter and hotter

A survey of average summer temperatures in Brazilian state capitals shows rising temperatures across the board

Environment Dec 31, 2019

Statistic of the decade: The massive deforestation of the Amazon

This year, I was on the judging panel for the Royal Statistical Society’s International Statistic of the Decade. Much like the Oxford English Dictionary’s “Word...

Environment Dec 18, 2019

Bolsonaro year 1: Environment

Of all the sectors of the Jair Bolsonaro government, the environment is perhaps the one which has undergone the most changes in 2019, a...

Environment Dec 16, 2019

Oil stains in Brazil destroy local fishing industry

More than 100 days have passed since the first signs of oil were sighted on Brazil’s northeastern coast. This environmental crisis of as yet...

Environment Dec 15, 2019

Foreign firms fined for environmental foul play

Since the rise of President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil has become something of an international pariah when it comes to environmental issues. The far-right sitting...

Environment Dec 12, 2019

How did Brazil fare in the United Nations’ COP 25?

One would have to go to the back of the very last conference room to find the small stand housing the “Brazil Climate Action...

Environment Dec 12, 2019

The indigenous ‘guardians’ giving their lives for their ancestral lands

On a clear enough day, you could probably see the indigenous territory of Araribóia from space. Not because of its size—at 4,130 square kilometers...

Environment Dec 11, 2019

Bolsonaro’s land decree heaven for land-grabbers

Land-grabbing in Brazil goes by a curious name: grilagem, or “cricketing.” The story goes that as a way of making forged property titles seem...

Environment Nov 27, 2019

Brazil seeking funds to manage climate change and natural disasters

This week, severe rains in the Northeastern city of Salvador caused around 300 people to be displaced as rivers burst their banks, homes were...

Environment Nov 26, 2019

Sugarcane decree poses latest threat to Brazilian biodiversity

2019 has been a year to forget for Brazilian environmentalists. The dismantling of protection agencies, uptick in Amazon forest fires and freezing of indigenous...
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