Jun 03, 2020
Ernesto Araújo came on the scene as an unknown quantity in 2018, but is now a leading figure in Brazil's global crusade against the left-wing


Millions of Brazilians have no access to healthcare. Some, due to geographic challenges. Others, due to social barriers

Latin America

The pandemic led countries in Latin America to relax checks and balances on public procurement, opening paths for corruption


Political figures elected on Jair Bolsonaro's coattails, and share many of his views, have now pivoted to anti-fascism in a bid for political capital


The entire tourism ecosystem in Brazil is in jeopardy — as states mull over lockdown measures — and the pandemic continues to spiral out of control


With the death of Brazil's "father of futsal," we look at the history of the sport and its massive influence on football as a whole

Guide to Brazil

Among the Western Romance tongues, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most straightforward languages to pick up. It is forgiving, common usage involves a much smaller amount of verb...
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