Mar 04, 2021
The Brazilian Senate has approved a constitutional amendment proposal earmarking BRL 44 billion (USD 7.8 billion) for a new iteration of the coronavirus emergency salary program. But the Bolsonaro administration is trying to delay the voting schedule in the...


The state of São Paulo has scrapped tax breaks on medical supplies and equipment. Opponents say the move will have a nationwide impact


An association of conservative lawyers wants to "defeat evil" by suing those who publish content they deem offensive to the president's "honor"


Brazil's National Oil Agency is set to sell off 92 oil fields in October, but many are located close to environmental reserves


In 1958, a football team billed as the "champions of Brazil" played a glamorous tour in Europe — but the lowly Bela Vista had won anything

Guide to Brazil

Migratory processes in Brazil are notoriously cumbersome and time-consuming, but the country's requirements for naturalization are fairly liberal
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