Latin America

Feb 16, 2020
While challenging the crimes of the military dictatorship is seen as a "leftist" cause in Brazil, their South American neighbors have made great strides in reckoning with their bloody past

Latin AmericaFeb 13, 2020

Is this the end of Fujimorismo in Peru?

The political dynasty that dominated Peru for...

Latin AmericaFeb 12, 2020

Argentina looking to get back into Brazil’s good books with visit

Meetings between Argentina's foreign minister and the...

Latin AmericaFeb 05, 2020

Argentina’s plan to climb out of its debt sinkhole

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has embarked on...

Latin America Feb 02, 2020

Transphobic violence haunts the towns of El Salvador

When the discussion moves to gender, homosexuality, and civil rights in El Salvador, one must be aware of the risks and social rejection in...

Latin America Jan 27, 2020

Pope Francis’ role in Argentinian politics

When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was announced as the new head of the Catholic Church in 2013, his compatriots in Argentina were just as surprised...

Latin America Jan 23, 2020

Is democracy weakening across Latin America?

The latest report from The Economist Intelligence Unit shows a worsening of democracy across the region, thanks to unrest and political instability...

Latin America Jan 21, 2020

Why Brazilian trade with Venezuela has hit a 20-year low

Imports and exports have fallen significantly, but ideological squabbling between Bolsonaro and Maduro isn't the main cause

Latin America Jan 13, 2020

Pensions are Latin America’s ticking time bomb

As pointed out by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Latin America is a region aging at a fast and unprecedented pace. Right now, about...

Latin America Jan 10, 2020

Ideology and trade pose Iran dilemma for Bolsonaro government

Brazil and Argentina have traditionally held close trade relationships with Iran, regardless of who is in power. Bolsonaro's foreign policy could put...

Latin America Jan 08, 2020

Venezuela back in the spotlight after physical struggle for Congress

After Juan Guaidó's project to oust President Maduro lost steam, conflict in Venezuela heats up again after week of scuffles at the...

Latin America Dec 10, 2019

The future of Brazil-Argentina relations

Heads of state from around Latin America will be gathered today in Buenos Aires, as Alberto Fernández takes office as the new president of...

Latin America Dec 07, 2019

Legal marijuana in Uruguay: example or cautionary tale?

Uruguay blazed a trail worldwide in the legalization of marijuana. Under the left-wing administration of former President José Mujica, the tiny South American nation...

Latin America Nov 23, 2019

Why Latin America went from boom to bust

Latin America enjoyed a golden age in the 2000s, a decade defined by sustained economic growth and decreasing levels of inequality, with around 50...

Latin America Nov 20, 2019

Why Operation Car Wash wants to arrest Paraguay’s ex-president

Since the inception of Operation Car Wash in 2014, it was a matter of time before Brazil’s sweeping corruption investigation into wrongdoings within construction...

Latin America Nov 11, 2019

Understanding the vacuum of power in Bolivia

In a matter of only three weeks, Evo Morales went from declaring himself the winner of a fourth consecutive term as the President of...

Latin America Oct 29, 2019

What legacy will Mauricio Macri leave in Argentina?

Here at The Brazilian Report, we strive to keep a watchful eye over our Latin American neighbors and the potential knock-on effects their political...

Latin America Oct 28, 2019

Argentina elections: is Alberto Fernández a populist?

Argentina’s presidential election on October 27 has swung power back to the center-left following four years of right-wing rule under Mauricio Macri. The former...

Latin America Oct 23, 2019

Crisis in Chile: a repeat of 2013 Brazil? Or a warning for Brazil’s future?

Chile is facing one of its worst social crises since the end of General Augusto Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship in 1990. A rise in public...
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