Latin America

Mar 29, 2020
Panama is a textbook example in Latin America of how massive testing help to properly assess the Covid-19 crisis. In Brazil, numbers remain anyone's guess

Latin AmericaMar 27, 2020

Nicaragua turns a blind eye to Covid-19

Daniel Ortega's regime has refused to employ...

Latin AmericaMar 26, 2020

Covid-19, terrorism charges: is Maduro done in Venezuela?

As coronavirus hits the Americas, Venezuela's embattled...

Latin AmericaMar 24, 2020

AMLO and Bolsonaro feel the limits of personalized politics

Coming to power through a political crisis...

Latin America Mar 21, 2020

Five bizarre pandemic stories that could only happen in Latin America

“Magical realism,” the literary style of fiction that paints a realistic view of the modern world while also adding magical elements, was born in...

Latin America Mar 19, 2020

Venezuela remains Bolsonaro’s straw man, even in Covid-19 crisis

Despite countries around the world dealing with their own problems, President Jair Bolsonaro has found time to lash out at Venezuela, his...

Latin America Mar 17, 2020

Can Argentina resist the Covid-19 crisis?

The Covid-19 outbreak reaches Latin America as Argentina battles to recover from its worst crisis in 20 years

Latin America Mar 09, 2020

Pair of brutal murders cast light on Mexico’s femicide problem

Mexican cities have faced increased levels of femicide, which remain high today. Women's rights movements are calling for action from the government

Latin America Mar 01, 2020

Meet Alejandro Giammattei, the “Guatemalan Bolsonaro”

The script will be familiar to Brazilians: a country with a struggling economy, a deeply ingrained culture of corruption, and a public perception of...

Latin America Feb 25, 2020

Besides Brazil: Carnival around Latin America

Carnival isn't just a Brazilian tradition, in fact, there are unique celebrations all over Latin America with their own idiosyncrasies

Latin America Feb 16, 2020

Brazil can learn from Argentina and Chile’s reckoning with dictatorship past

While challenging the crimes of the military dictatorship is seen as a "leftist" cause in Brazil, their South American neighbors have made...

Latin America Feb 13, 2020

Is this the end of Fujimorismo in Peru?

The political dynasty that dominated Peru for decades now appears to be on its way out, with Alberto Fujimori in poor health...

Latin America Feb 12, 2020

Argentina looking to get back into Brazil’s good books with visit

Meetings between Argentina's foreign minister and the Bolsonaro administration seek to re-establish trade ties between the neighboring countries

Latin America Feb 05, 2020

Argentina’s plan to climb out of its debt sinkhole

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has embarked on a roadshow in Europe to gather support for his government's plans to renegotiate its IMF...

Latin America Feb 02, 2020

Transphobic violence haunts the towns of El Salvador

When the discussion moves to gender, homosexuality, and civil rights in El Salvador, one must be aware of the risks and social rejection in...

Latin America Jan 27, 2020

Pope Francis’ role in Argentinian politics

When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was announced as the new head of the Catholic Church in 2013, his compatriots in Argentina were just as surprised...

Latin America Jan 23, 2020

Is democracy weakening across Latin America?

The latest report from The Economist Intelligence Unit shows a worsening of democracy across the region, thanks to unrest and political instability...

Latin America Jan 21, 2020

Why Brazilian trade with Venezuela has hit a 20-year low

Imports and exports have fallen significantly, but ideological squabbling between Bolsonaro and Maduro isn't the main cause

Latin America Jan 13, 2020

Pensions are Latin America’s ticking time bomb

As pointed out by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Latin America is a region aging at a fast and unprecedented pace. Right now, about...
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