Mar 26, 2020
Brazil is in its second week of social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so far recording 62 deaths and almost 2,500 infections. Some states have already put their citizens under quarantine and forecasts for the country’s economic future...

CoronavirusMar 25, 2020

Between a rock and a hard place, Bolsonaro favors economy over health

While the World Health Organization pleads for...

CoronavirusMar 20, 2020

Will the coronavirus be Jair Bolsonaro’s kryptonite?

Under strict lockdown measures, citizens in several parts of...

CoronavirusMar 17, 2020

Brazil’s coronavirus deniers in positions of power

Beyond President Jair Bolsonaro himself, leaders of...

Coronavirus Mar 16, 2020

Covid-19 forces Brazil’s Congress into de facto recess

Fears of transmission have led lawmakers to adopt special measures in Congress, which should lead to a de facto recess during the...

Coronavirus Mar 14, 2020

Covid-19 crisis chips away at Paulo Guedes’ image

Delay in reaction and insistence on approving reforms has soured the relationship between Brazil's Economy Minister and Congress

Power Mar 14, 2020

Two years after Marielle Franco’s murder, her struggle lives on through her family

Anielle Franco, head of the Marielle Franco Institute, speaks about the memory of her sister and the importance of representation for black...

Coronavirus Mar 13, 2020

President Bolsonaro trolls media with coronavirus scare

Sources within the government reportedly confirmed that the Brazilian president had contracted the novel coronavirus. It was just a troll

Power Mar 10, 2020

Never waste a good crisis? Someone should tell Jair Bolsonaro

After Brazil's markets crashed on Monday, there are signs of a truce between the government and Congress—but Jair Bolsonaro is unlikely to let that...

Power Mar 08, 2020

Women still struggle to be elected in Brazil

While women account for 52 percent of the Brazilian population, they still face many roadblocks to get elected for public office

Power Mar 07, 2020

Bolsonaro and Trump dine over defense deal

Confirmed at the last minute, Jair Bolsonaro will meet with the U.S. President this evening, and a newly agreed defense cooperation deal...

Power Mar 06, 2020

The risks of letting Jair Bolsonaro hijack the news in Brazil

A constant stream of controversial statements allows Jair Bolsonaro to dictate the Brazilian news cycle, and draw attention away from his government's...

Power Mar 05, 2020

The road to municipal elections starts here

In seven months’ time, Brazil’s 5,570 municipalities will head to the polls to elect new mayors and members of city councils. Coming two years...

Power Mar 04, 2020

Coronavirus fears have created a dilemma for Brazil’s Central Bank

The Central Bank said it would stop reducing Brazil's already low benchmark interest rates, but outside pressure could cause them to go...

Power Mar 02, 2020

Brazil’s judges living in fear of organized crime violence

On February 12, Brazilian journalist Léo Veras was assassinated by masked hitmen at his home in the Paraguayan border town of Pedro Juan Caballero....

Power Feb 29, 2020

TikTok, Bolsonaro has arrived

If Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency has been built on social media, then Brazil’s head of state celebrated a defining achievement this week. Using his official...

Power Feb 28, 2020

Author of Dilma impeachment sees no reason to oust Bolsonaro

São Paulo lawmaker Janaína Paschoal was a protagonist in Dilma Rousseff's impeachment. Now, however, she sees no cause to move against Bolsonaro

Power Feb 28, 2020

Brazil’s Health Ministry calls out anti-vaxxers in efforts against coronavirus

As the coronavirus reaches Brazil, the country's highest health authorities have set out to reassure the population and combat misinformation

Power Feb 27, 2020

Brazil hopes to finish never-ending power plant as attention turns nuclear

The Angra 3 nuclear power plant in Rio was started in 1984 and is still not finished. The government plans to conclude...
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