Feb 18, 2020
After accompanying President Jair Bolsonaro to an Evangelical Christian event last week, Federal Judge Marcelo Bretas has raised eyebrows for his apparent political involvement with the current head of state

PowerFeb 12, 2020

Unanswered questions and presidential links of killed crime boss

Adriano da Nóbrega, killed on Sunday in...

PowerFeb 11, 2020

Prosecutors pursuing journalists and lawyers in anti-corruption probes

Brazilian investigators may have overstepped boundaries in...

PowerFeb 10, 2020

Lula’s party turns 40 in midlife crisis

It has been 40 years since former trade-union leader...

Power Feb 06, 2020

The impeachment request against Brazil’s Education minister

In today’s intensely polarized Brazil, political consensus is near impossible to come across. Education Minister Abraham Weintraub, however, has managed to attract criticism and...

Power Feb 04, 2020

Hurdles for Bolsonaro’s privatization plan

Political scuffles have seen the government's main privatization program transferred to the Economy Ministry, which could bring further delays to Bolsonaro's plans...

Power Feb 04, 2020

How can Brazil fight corruption without destroying its economy?

In October 2019, São Paulo’s benchmark stock index Ibovespa fell almost 3 percent after the Brazilian press reported that the country’s five largest banks...

Power Feb 02, 2020

Who should Brazil cheer for in the U.S. elections?

Brazil's government and opposition are beginning to look closer at the upcoming U.S. elections, working out who they will support

Power Jan 30, 2020

Brazilian administrations betting on the return of gambling

In their search for new sources of revenue, all levels of Brazilian government are pursuing ways to raise tax collection while reducing the size...

Power Jan 30, 2020

How Bolsonaro could reshape Brazil’s regulatory agencies

An often-mentioned fact about the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro is that by the end of his first term, he will have had the right...

Power Jan 28, 2020

Over 7,000 Brazilian politicians in debt to federal government

Federal tax liability records show that 7,186 elected politicians owe over BRL 1.1 billion to the public treasury

Power Jan 24, 2020

What Bolsonaro wants from India

The Brazilian president will take part in India's Republic Day celebrations—and hopes to improve bilateral relations and trade between the two countries

Power Jan 23, 2020

Brazil’s anti-crime bill takes force, but doubts remain

One of the anti-crime bill's most controversial points, the creation of so-called "guarantees judges," has been indefinitely suspended by a Supreme Court...

Power Jan 17, 2020

Brazilian culture secretary loses job after paraphrasing Goebbels

Sitting upright at his desk, the culture secretary addresses the nation. A triumphant portrait of the head of state hangs on the back wall,...

Power Jan 16, 2020

Human rights for some in Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Despite fears from activists, human rights was the most popular issue in bills approved by Brazilian lawmakers last year

Power Jan 12, 2020

Brazil’s labor reform is being overhauled by the courts

Changes to Brazilian labor laws have been on the agenda ever since the beginning of the Michel Temer government in August 2016, after the...

Power Jan 12, 2020

Bolsonaro’s lawyer: Workers’ Party “uses courts to create a political narrative”

Known for some time in Brazil’s political corridors for her work with parties in the electoral field, Karina Kufa gained public notoriety after she...

Power Jan 11, 2020

New type of judge splits opinions in Brazil’s justice system

Approved in the recent "anti-crime law," the guarantees judge will only act on the investigation phase of cases, with a different judge...

Power Jan 09, 2020

Latest Cambridge Analytica leak points to involvement in Brazilian elections

Leaked files on the firm's activities in Brazil (including coverage by The Brazilian Report) shows the company worked with an unnamed candidate...
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