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2022_Annual Report_The presidential race and challenges beyond the election

Dec. 16. Check a sneak preview here! This year, our award-winning team of journalists reached out to over a dozen experts in polls, financial markets, and environmental activism, as well as government representatives, to take a look at what’s underneath the cloud of uncertainty enveloping post-pandemic Brazil — with the 2022 elections on the horizon. We answer many questions in this 21-page report, alongside custom-made charts and data especially designed to provide in-depth information to decision-makers.  

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Latin America Report: Challenges for 2022

Feb 4. Check out the preview here! 2022 is a year of significant changes in Latin America: especially for Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. Between Argentina's make-or-break deal with the IMF, tense elections in Colombia, and the literal rebuilding of Chile's constitution, this year’s events will have lingering effects on future generations. We've gone through all of the possibilities and pain points in this exclusive 17-page report, designed to help decision-makers navigate the most critical continental trends in 2022 and beyond. 


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Sept.2020. A reform has been discussed for decades and now it is finally set to be debated in Congress. But will it pass? And, more importantly, if it does, what will change? Inside this 13-page eBook: Everything you need to know about the government's administrative reform; Brazil's billion-dollar public service industry; Some of Brazil's most bizarre and obsolete public jobs; Will the administrative reform pass in Congress?