Opinion August 18, 2018

2018 Election 2018 Election

Brazil’s recurring phenomenon of joke candidates

Brazil 2018 election joke candidates presidential race voting

It has been 36 years since Brazil returned to a widely competitive electoral system, after roughly two decades of authoritarianism. During the military dictatorship, electoral competition was not completely suppressed, although severely hampered. A symbol of the new democratic era was the return of a multi-partisan system. Multi-partisanship had previously existed during two periods of… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Will Lula be able to run for president?

lula presidential election brazil 2018

During its national convention this weekend, the Workers’ Party launched – for the sixth time – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as the party’s presidential candidate. In prison since April 7, the former president is still leading all polls, with his voting intentions ranging from 30 to 40 percent. This unlikely union of incarceration and… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

A brief history of Brazil’s “centrists” – and why they matter to the election

big center brazil 2018 election coalitions

Italian political scientist Giovanni Sartori once called Brazil “the most anti-partisan country of the world.” That is particularly true today, as dissatisfaction with Brazilian political parties reaches record-setting levels with the electorate blaming corrupt politicians for the recession. But this rejection hasn’t stopped presidential hopefuls from engaging in the active courtship of a group called… Read More »

The Brazilian left and its fetishes

dilma maduro brazilian left

Every now and then – but especially during the campaign season – one subject resurfaces: the way left-leaning parties in Brazil position themselves on authoritarian regimes they identify as “progressive,” “socialist,” or “communist.” Leaders of these parties are often obliged to take a stance on such regimes. Why, many voters ask, do these parties have… Read More »

Why do Britain and America despise Neymar?


Much of the fun of the World Cup is in its narrative. The redemption stories, the against-all-odds comebacks, the clashes between good and evil. Football can become a bit perfunctory when you don’t have anyone to cheer for, or, for that matter, anyone to cheer against. In that vein, the British and North American sports… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Why Marina Silva will (probably) not win Brazil’s presidential election

marina silva brazil 2018 election

On June 10, Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly, took to Twitter and showed disbelief about how dismissively political analysts have treated environmentalist presidential candidate Marina Silva, despite her solid poll results. “Is it group-think? Sexism? Her last-minute 2014 collapse?,” asked Mr. Winter. I don’t know any Brazilian political analysts who think Marina can win… Read More »