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Mar 30, 2020
This week: How the 2020 elections may be in jeopardy. And how Jair Bolsonaro became the international face of Covid-19 denialism

Brazil WeeklyMar 23, 2020

Covid-19 reaches the favela, where social isolation is nearly impossible

How the coronavirus chips away at Bolsonaro's...

Brazil WeeklyMar 16, 2020

Jair Bolsonaro’s “attack on public health” an act of war

Jair Bolsonaro's "attack on public health." And...

Brazil WeeklyMar 09, 2020

XP brokerage firm in hot water over accounting irregularities

The fraud accusations against brokerage firm XP Inc. The...

Brazil Weekly Mar 02, 2020

Ceará police back to work after controversial strike

We’re covering today the end of the illegal police strike in Ceará. How transparency in Brazil survives under Jair Bolsonaro. The cities that are...

Brazil Weekly Feb 26, 2020

Coronavirus reaches Brazil

The first confirmed Covid-19 infection in Brazil. And the uncertainties facing Petrobras in 2020

Brazil Weekly Feb 17, 2020

Solar power set for a boost in Brazil

How Brazil plans to rely more on solar power plants. And the names on Bolsonaro's shortlist for incoming vacancies at the Supreme...

Brazil Weekly Feb 10, 2020

Brazil takes a step forward in cybersecurity

This week, we talk about Brazil’s new cybersecurity policies. And the globe-trotting strategy of São Paulo Governor João Doria. Brazil’s cybersecurity policies to be...

Brazil Weekly Feb 03, 2020

Back to work for Brazil’s Congress

This week, we cover Congress’ return from vacation. The external shocks that could plunge Brazilian markets this week. How Brazilian markets performed. Also, what you...

Brazil Weekly Jan 27, 2020

Panic in Minas Gerais as rain causes 46 deaths

The calamity caused by intense rainfall and flooding in the Southeast. How the UK is lobbying to sell facial recognition technology to...

Brazil Weekly Jan 20, 2020

Hollywood-esque prison break raises security at Brazilian border

Good morning! This week, we are covering a Hollywood-esque prison break by Brazil’s deadliest drug gang. The government’s latest strategy to raise money. How...

Brazil Weekly Jan 13, 2020

Lula’s plan to get the evangelical vote

Good morning!  This week, how the Workers’ Party tries to lure Evangelical voters to the left. Jair Bolsonaro’s trip to India. Brazil’s lost decade....

Brazil Weekly Jan 06, 2020

How would Brazil act if a U.S.-Iran conflict breaks out?

The possible ripple effects of U.S.-Iran tensions in Brazil.

Brazil Weekly Dec 16, 2019

U.S.-China trade agreement: good or bad for Brazil?

Good morning! This week, the expected implications of the trade deal between the U.S. and China on Brazil. The UN’s worries about the health...

Brazil Weekly Dec 09, 2019

Brazil’s latest privatization plan a risk for data privacy?

Good morning! This week, the privatization of Brazil’s data processing company—no one is (but should be) talking about. Jair Bolsonaro’s stable approval ratings. And...

Brazil Weekly Dec 02, 2019

Why you can trust Brazil’s electronic voting system

Good morning! This week, we’re talking about Brazil’s reliable electronic voting system. How swine flu outbreaks in China are making meat a luxury product...

Brazil Weekly Nov 25, 2019

Crisis in South America a problem for Brazilian exporters

Good morning! This week, we talk about Brazilian trade with South America. And the lack of consistent and efficient antitrust regulations. (This newsletter is...

Brazil Weekly Nov 18, 2019

The true situation of Brazil’s public service, in charts

Good morning! This week, we explain the state of Brazilian public service. What will become of the president’s party, without the president? Brazil’s young,...

Brazil Weekly Nov 11, 2019

Generals remain ultimate power brokers in Latin America

Good morning! We’re covering the aftermath of Lula being released from prison. Evo Morales’s resignation shows how much civilian leaders can’t survive without the...
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