Mayor candidates try to emerge from shadow of Bolsonaro and Lula

Lula and Bolsonaro have been unable to positively influence voters in this year's municipal elections; candidates are going off on their own

lula bolsonaro
Guilherme Boulos tries to stage a comeback in São Paulo. Photo: Gabriel Trevisan/FP

It remains too early to draw definitive conclusions from the 2020 municipal elections in Brazil. As races continue in key constituencies, the tepid electoral process disturbed by a deadly pandemic and a massive economic crisis makes it impossible to know — at this juncture — whether 2020 will go down as an outlier or an indication of trends for the presidential election in two years time. Regardless, what we can conclude is that both Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva — the two biggest names in Brazilian politics today — suffered dents to their political capital.

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