WHO declares South America as new Covid-19 epicenter

who south america covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Director for Emergency Programs Michael Ryan said on Friday that South America has become the new epicenter for the Covid-19. As The Brazilian Report has been showing, this is primarily due to the fact that the disease has spiraled out of control in Brazil. The country is the only among the top 8 worst-affected nations with an ascending curve of infections and deaths.

Brazil, however, is not the only South American country suffering from infection spikes. Chile has recorded over 50,000 confirmed cases — almost 10 percent of which in just 24 hours. President Sebastián Piñera has also intensified isolation measures and postponed the end of the quarantine. On May 22, Argentina — the first country in the region to impose a strict nationwide lockdown — reached 416 total deaths.

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