Covid-19 in Latin America: three months on

Latin America is soon becoming the new Covid-19 epicenter. However, not all countries are in panic mode

Covid-19 in Latin America: three months on
Street vendors continue to work in Quito, Ecuador. Photo: Teran Bryan/Shutterstock

Three months since the first recorded Covid-19 case in Latin America, the region has seen over 385,000 confirmed infections, averaging over 10,000 additional cases each week and a grand total of 21,629 deaths. From north to south, the Americas outstrip Europe by over one million Covid-19 cases, according to World Health Organization (WHO) data. Brazil and the U.S. combine for almost 1.6 million coronavirus infections.

Excluding the U.S. — which has the biggest case and death count in the world by some distance — countries in Central and South America are confronting the reality that the region may become the...

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