This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. Random numbers that help explain what is going on in Brazil. This week: copycat Nazi propaganda by Brazil’s...

SocietyJan 11, 2020

Numbers of the week: Jan. 11, 2020

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest...

BusinessDec 04, 2019

Cannabis investments blazing in Brazil

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes remains taboo...

SocietyDec 01, 2019

Brazil’s new challenge against HIV

The first registered case of AIDS in Brazil came...
zika test

Brazil Daily Oct 17, 2019

Brazilians develop state-of-the-art Zika test

Good morning! We’re covering today a groundbreaking way of testing for the Zika virus—which scared the world in 2016 and 2017. Plus, Jair Bolsonaro’s...
With mosquito borne diseases running riot around in Brazil and around the world, tests with genetically modified mosquitoes have been carried out to dubious success

Society Oct 12, 2019

The risks of genetically modified mosquitoes

Around 1 million people die each year of mosquito-borne diseases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is why mosquitoes are considered one...
superbug brazilian agriculture

Brazil Daily Oct 01, 2019

The threat of a “superbug” to Brazilian herds

Good morning! Today, we take a look at how the massive use of antibiotics could create a “superbug” among Brazilian livestock herds. The impasse...
central bank

Brazil Weekly Sep 30, 2019

Less bureaucracy for foreign banks entering Brazil

Good morning! This week, we cover the new banking rules making it easier for foreign banks to set up shop in Brazil. Plus, the...
aedes aegypti dengue mosquito

Society Sep 17, 2019

The fly that Brazil can’t swat

Every year it’s the same story. The Ministry of Health releases TV advertisements with advice on how to prevent the proliferation of Aedes aegypti,...
Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi

Society Sep 07, 2019

Brazil by the Numbers

Today we’re launching Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. Random numbers...
Anti-vax movement growing in Brazil as measles makes a comeback

Power Aug 05, 2019

Anti-vax movement growing in Brazil as measles makes a comeback

Established in 1978, Brazil’s national immunization program offers 19 free types of vaccines. Through effective public health campaigns, the country has eradicated a series...

Brazil Daily Aug 02, 2019

Petrobras has best quarterly results in history

Good morning. Petrobras just recorded the biggest quarterly profits in its history. A new plan to take doctors to remote Brazilian areas. The Supreme...
E-cig debate reaches Brazil as authorities study new smoking laws

Society Jul 31, 2019

E-cigarette debate reaches Brazil as authorities study regulations

Around the world, the multi-billion dollar tobacco industry has been undergoing a complete overhaul. The arrival of electronic cigarettes has changed the market altogether,...
How hunger and obesity coexist in Brazil

Society Jul 28, 2019

How hunger and obesity coexist in Brazil

Despite being one of the world’s major food producers, Brazil experiences an unsettling paradox: the country is both underfed and overfed. Obesity levels are...
petrobras the intercept

Brazil Daily Jul 24, 2019

Petrobras diluted in deal for oil distribution company

Good morning! Petrobras diluted its shares in oil distribution company BR Distribuidora, continuing its divestment plan. The hunt for cell phone hacking suspects, believed...
Brazil Tech Roundup for July 12 | Health tech continues to grow

Tech Jul 12, 2019

Brazil Tech Roundup, Jul. 12, 2019 | Health tech continues to grow in Brazil

You’re reading The Brazilian Report‘s weekly tech roundup, a digest of the main news concerning technology and innovation in Brazil. This week’s topics: ICT...
bombardier alstom corruption são paulo metro

Brazil Daily Jul 09, 2019

Alstom, Bombardier guilty of forming a cartel

Good morning! Eleven companies were found guilty of rigging public bidding processes in São Paulo—including big names such as Alstom and Bombardier. The pension...
Brazil authorities are moving towards regulating cannabis marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the proposal on the table has angered both sides of the debate

Society Jun 28, 2019

Brazil’s push to regulate medical marijuana industry

In relation to the global trend toward decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis, Brazil is lagging way behind. With Canada, Portugal, Uruguay, and much of the...
brazilian population changes

Society Jun 18, 2019

How the Brazilian population will change this century

Every two years, the UN publishes its World Population Prospects, analyzing population trends in 235 countries and regions. The data is based on national...
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