One-third of Brazilian cities did not report Covid deaths in July

One-third of Brazilian cities did not report Covid deaths in July
Countryside São Paulo. Photo: Vinicius Fonseca/Shutterstock

In July, 31 percent of all Brazilian cities, the equivalent of 1,750 municipalities, recorded no deaths by Covid-19. The number is the highest since February of this year, when 2,202 cities registered zero deaths due to the virus. 

According to a survey carried out by news website G1, based on data tabulated by researcher Wesley Cota, the number of cities without coronavirus deaths last month was 35 percent higher than the 1,293 municipalities with no casualties in June.

Most of these municipalities have less than 10,000 inhabitants. The largest was Coari, however, with 85,910 inhabitants – in the state of Amazonas. The result is extremely positive, considering that the city suffered severely at the beginning of the year with a shortage of oxygen supplies, leading to dozens of patients dying of suffocation while awaiting treatment. 

Moreover, the survey showed that July saw the largest average reduction in the number of daily Covid-19 deaths compared to the previous month since the beginning of the pandemic. Against June, 63 percent (3,483) of Brazilian cities underwent a reduction in their daily coronavirus death toll.