Vaccinated people account for only 3.7 percent of Brazil’s Covid deaths

Vaccinated Covid deaths
Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

A survey by the University of São Paulo, in partnership with the Paulista State University, showed that at least 9,900 Brazilians have died of Covid-19 after being fully immunized. 

The findings, published by the Info Tracker initiative, used data from the Health Ministry compiled between February 28 and July 27. The 9,900 victims of the coronavirus who were fully immunized account for 3.7 percent of the total Covid deaths over the period. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus has killed at least 563,000 Brazilians. The numbers, however, are probably much higher, considering that Brazil does not test for the virus nearly enough.

Researchers say their findings prove that vaccination is by far the best way to contain the pandemic. In the city of Serrana, in rural São Paulo state, the number of deaths nosedived 95 percent after the entire population was inoculated as part of a mass vaccination trial.