Brazil’s top electoral court accuses Bolsonaro of leaking sealed investigation

electoral court bolsonaro
Supreme Court Chief Justice Luiz Fux (left) and Justice Luís Roberto Barroso, who presides over the TSE. Photo: Ubirajara Machado/CNJ

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil has accused President Jair Bolsonaro of leaking a sealed Federal Police investigation, and has asked the Supreme Court to look into the case. Last week, Mr. Bolsonaro used his social media channels to reveal the entirety of an inquiry around the alleged hacking attack into the TSE systems, in 2018.

The move was part of Mr. Bolsonaro’s constant attempts to undermine Brazil’s electoral system — which many political observers believe is an attempt to lay the groundwork for a power grab next year, should he lose the election. Polls suggest he will.

Last week, the TSE unanimously decided to launch an inquiry into the president’s moves to discredit the country’s electronic voting system — and has asked the Supreme Court to include Mr. Bolsonaro in a probe into networks spreading disinformation online.

On multiple occasions, Mr. Bolsonaro has set as a condition for future elections that paper ballots be reinstituted as a supplement to Brazil’s fully electronic system. The House is set to decisively vote down that proposal today — with Mr. Bolsonaro ordering the military to parade just across the street from Congress and the Supreme Court.