Democracy July 15, 2018

Lula motivates yet another legal clash in Brazil

lula controversy

Wrapped up in several criminal proceedings, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was convicted last year of corruption and money laundering, for allegedly accepting a beachfront triplex apartment from a construction firm. In January, his conviction was upheld by an appellate court, leading to his incarceration on April 7. At every step of the… Read More »

Explaining Brazil Podcast #11: Racism in Brazil

racism brazil violence black lives matter

One hundred and thirty years ago, Brazil abolished slavery – becoming the last country in the Americas to do so. Since then, however, little has been done to promote the inclusion of Black communities into Brazilian society. Racism remains a reality. Blacks account for nearly 80 percent of those living below the poverty threshold in… Read More »

Landless Workers could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Landless Workers Movements could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Earlier this week, militant members of the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) occupied the triplex used as evidence of former President Lula in the corruption charges leveraged against him. Guilherme Boulos, a national coordinator for the movement and current presidential candidate, quipped on social media: “If it’s Lula’s, the people can stay. If not, then why… Read More »

Could collective candidacies renew Brazil’s political landscape?

aurea carolina collective candidacies

Recent surveys show that 96 percent of Brazilians don’t feel represented by our current elected officials. And 89 percent of voters think that politicians are not well prepared enough to perform their duties. But while Brazilians are certainly unhappy about our political system, big parties have crafted the electoral legislation in order to preserve their… Read More »

Why WhatsApp is Brazil’s go-to political weapon

whatsapp fake news brazil 2018 election

Sergio Moro, the judge overseeing the extensive corruption probe Operation Car Wash, did not tell voters in 2017 that blank votes were the only way to stop political corruption. Lula’s planned trip to Ethiopia, a country that does not extradite to Brazil, was for the African Union Summit in January – not to escape jail.… Read More »