Majority of Chileans say pandemic has affected their mental health

mental health pandemic
Photo: SewCream/Shutterstock

In Chile, 56 percent of adults believe their mental health worsened during the pandemic, ranking the nation second-highest in a study of 30 countries carried out by pollster Ipsos.

Chile only ranked behind Turkey, where 61 percent of the adult population said their emotional wellbeing has declined due to the coronavirus crisis. Chile’s 56 percent was well above the 45 percent global average. 

While 56 percent of Chileans believe life should return to normal in between four and 12 months, some 36 are more pessimistic, saying normality will only be achieved in over a year’s time. 

Despite high vaccination coverage, the pandemic in Chile is still worrisome. On Monday, the Health Ministry announced that 19 of the country’s comunnes will return to a state of “total quarantine” by June 6.