Latin America

Coronavirus vaccination in Latin America, five months later

Vaccination rates in Latin America have been drastically different around the region, with some success stories but many negative examples

Coronavirus vaccination in Latin America, five months later
People wait in a big line to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock

Covid-19 vaccination in Latin America began on December 24, when Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico administered their first shots. At the time, with the region appearing to leave the initial horrors of the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, these first jabs in arms represented hope.

Over four months and 108 million shots later, the scenario is less optimistic. Subsequent coronavirus waves cast several countries into turmoil once more and the rollout of vaccines has been patchy at best. Some nations have fared better, while others have barely started administering jabs, highlighting underlying inequality factors that are pervasive throughout Latin America.


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