Latin America

Ortega turning his wrath on former friends and allies as authoritarian slide continues

The president of Nicaragua was controversially elected to a fourth term last year, after imprisoning several opposition candidates. He is now persecuting many of his former revolutionary comrades

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega. Photo: Jorge Torres/EFE via Folhapress
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Photo: Jorge Torres/EFE via Folhapress

Ortega y Somoza, son la misma cosa.” 

When Daniel Ortega led the Sandinista Revolution that overthrew Nicaragua’s far-right dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979, no one could envisage that the pair of bitter foes would decades later be equated to one another in a popular protest ditty. Mr. Ortega rose to power under a banner of social justice and political fairness but later threw his own rulebook out the window, being elected to a controversial fourth presidential term in 2022

He has become a textbook example of autocracy and is now persecuting his adversaries — including many of his...

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