Latin America

Ortega ramps up authoritarianism in Nicaragua

Charges against journalists and opposition leaders are part of the Ortega playbook to tip the scales ahead of November’s presidential election

Ortega authoritarianism Nicaragua
Protest in Managua against authoritarian measures by the Ortega administration. Photo: Will Ulmos/Shutterstock

Nicaragua is set to have a presidential election in November, but President Daniel Ortega is trying his best to ensure it will not be a fair contest. Following a slew of moves to curtail freedom of speech and limit opposition activity, prosecutors and judges aligned with the government in Managua placed Mr. Ortega’s presumed challenger under house arrest for money laundering. Cristiana Chamorro, a member of one of the country’s most traditional political families, was also stripped of political rights.

“The Joe Biden administration and the European Union should condemn, in unison, this plan to impede free elections,”

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