Latin America

Castillo gets breathing room in Peru. But for how long?

After a sitting lasting for almost two full days, the Castillo cabinet lured centrist blocs to his side and won a crucial vote of confidence

peru castillo detractors vote of confidence
Detractors of President Pedro Castillo take to the streets of Lima to ask for his removal, just weeks into his term. Photo: Fotoholica Press Agency/Alamy Stock Photo

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo got the first big win of his term today, with cabinet head Guido Bellido and the rest of his ministers surviving a tough confirmation hearing in Congress. After a marathon sitting that extended for nearly two full days, the left-wing Mr. Bellido ended up with 73 yeas (six more than required) in a much-awaited vote of confidence.

The key to victory came in the shape of support from the centrist Acción Popular and Alianza para el Progreso blocs, which gave the cabinet 12 out of 16 and 13 out of 15 votes respectively, after...

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