Latin America

Castillo leads in Peru, but will he be able to govern?

Peru has been marred in a never-ending loop of political crises, with weak presidents and a trigger-happy Congress

peru castillo fujimori elections
Castillo supporters in Lima. Photo: Joel Salvador/Shutterstock

The 2021 presidential election in Peru was an nasty, hyperpolarized affair filled with misinformation and violence. All this, amid a deadly pandemic which Peru has struggled to manage. So it was fitting that the election would have the most dramatic of denouements, with far-left candidate Pedro Castillo only pulling ahead of his far-right opponent, Keiko Fujimori, at the very last minute.

Yet, Mr. Castillo’s toughest challenges are still to come. 

Given his excruciatingly tight winning margin, he will face immediate questions about his legitimacy — even more so because the elites in capital city Lima overwhelmingly turned out...

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