Latin America

Peru’s presidential merry-go-round revolves once more

Francisco Sagasti was elected became the third different president of Peru in the space of a week. But the political crisis is not over

peru presidential merry-go-round
Protester holds sign against lawmakers: “Congress of rats, a national shame.” Photo: Myriam B/Shutterstock

At the beginning of the century, Argentina had a dreadful couple of weeks that would make magical realism pioneer Gabriel Garcia Márquez blush. After the economy hit rock bottom in 2001, violent protests broke out that obliterated the political system. In the last ten days of that year, Argentina went through five different presidents.

Nineteen years later, Peru is on a similar path, as 76-year-old lawmaker Francisco Sagasti became the country’s third different head of state in the space of a week.

He was elected by Congress on Monday, after the resignation of interim President Manuel Merino,...

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