Tech Roundup: Brazilian cities remain unprepared for 5G

The most important news in tech and innovation in Brazil. This week: 5G readiness in Brazilian cities, deep tech, and digital exclusion

5g deep tech inequality
Photo: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock

This week: Only seven out of 27 Brazilian capitals are fully prepared to receive 5G. The promising Brazilian deep tech scene. Children have more smartphones in Brazil, but inequality persists.

Only seven out of 27 Brazilian capitals are prepared to receive 5G

In a country where almost 20 million people still do not have broadband internet access, there are several challenges to overcome before consumers can reap the benefits of 5G technology. One is the lack of proper legislation regarding the installation of 5G antennas in 20 of Brazil’s 27 state capitals. 

Why it matters. Modern and current legislation...

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