Tech Roundup: millions without internet as 5G arrives

The most important news in tech and innovation in Brazil this week: digital exclusion, crypto, and gender programming

5g digital exclusion
Photo: Sibgat/Shutterstock

This week: 5G arrives, but almost 20 million Brazilians still don’t have broadband access, says IDB. Brazilian fintech wants to democratize access to crypto. UNESCO awards Brazilian startup teaching programming to vulnerable women. 

IDB: almost 20 million Brazilians have no broadband access

With less than a week until Brazil’s long-awaited 5G auction, telecom regulator Anatel and the International Development Bank (IDB) announced the results of a survey on internet access, showing that 19.7 million people in the country still do not have access to broadband internet.

Why it matters. The pandemic led to an acceleration of digitization in...

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