May 20, 2020
The Education Ministry decided to postpone Brazil’s National University Entrance Exam (Enem) as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, after mounting pressure led the Senate to push forward a bill postponing the exam. Now, both the in-person and online...

CoronavirusMay 18, 2020

With schools closed, 7 million Brazilian students face starvation

Since governments began suspending classes back in March, at...

CoronavirusMay 13, 2020

Senate suspends student loan dues amid pandemic

Brazilian senators unanimously approved a bill that postpones the...

CoronavirusMay 11, 2020

University entrance exam opens enrolment, amid calls to postpone

The federal government has opened the enrolment process for...
university exam brazil

Coronavirus May 09, 2020

University Entrance Exam puts Brazil against global trends

President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration has insisted to maintain the dates of the National University Entrance Exam (Enem). The format and dates will be the...
Covid-19 is increasing the education gap between rich and poor students

Society Apr 23, 2020

Covid-19 widens the education gap between rich and poor students

While private students in Brazil are buried in homework and trying to adjust to online classes, public school students are being left...
education minister

Coronavirus Apr 19, 2020

Education Minister confirms university entrance exam to go ahead

Though a federal court had suspended Brazil’s national university entrance exam (Enem) for this year, Education Minister Abraham Weintraub took to social media to...
school lunches

Coronavirus Apr 08, 2020

Federal government to distribute school meals during the pandemic

The federal government sanctioned a law on Wednesday to determine that food purchased as school lunches must be distributed to the parents of children...
The effort to send medical students to the coronavirus front

Coronavirus Apr 06, 2020

The effort to send medical students to the coronavirus front

Today’s issue of the Brazilian government’s Federal Register included an ordinance from the Education Ministry authorizing federal universities to fast-track the graduations of students...
3D printing initiatives to provide PPE equipment for Brazilian hospitals

Coronavirus Apr 03, 2020

Federal university produces protective visors to donate to hospitals

The Federal Institute of Pará (IFPA) is producing 3D printing prototypical protective visors to donate to hospitals in the northern city of Belém. The...
To create financially educated citizens, Brazil puts financial education on curriculum

Coronavirus Apr 02, 2020

Education Ministry to greenlight 2,600 grants for research on epidemics

The Education Ministry has launched an emergency program to support scientific studies on epidemics. According to the government, a BRL 200-million budget will pay...
schools brazil

Coronavirus Mar 31, 2020

Southernmost state keeps classes suspended until May

The state government of Rio Grande do Sul decided to keep its schools closed at least until April 30. “We do not see, at...
covid-19 outbreak school lunches brazil hunger

Coronavirus Mar 15, 2020

If Brazil suspends classes, it could spark a hunger crisis

In several peripheral areas, school lunches are children's main meal of the day; sometimes providing their only nutrition
Book clubs the not-so-new hope for struggling Brazilian publishing industry

Society Feb 09, 2020

Book clubs the not-so-new hope for struggling Brazilian publishing industry

As the Brazilian publishing market continues to grapple with the court-supervised reorganization of the country’s two main bookstore chains and an anemic economy, a...
The impeachment request against Brazil’s Education minister

Power Feb 06, 2020

The impeachment request against Brazil’s Education minister

In today’s intensely polarized Brazil, political consensus is near impossible to come across. Education Minister Abraham Weintraub, however, has managed to attract criticism and...
brain drain graphs

Society Jan 29, 2020

How economic struggles force Brazil’s brain drain

Brazil is struggling to attract and hold on to its promising talents, with poor unemployment prospects pushing professionals to leave the country
college brazil us

Society Jan 03, 2020

The differences between studying in Brazil and the U.S.

Many Brazilian young people, if they have the means, opt to pursue their studies abroad. In fact, Brazil is among the top ten countries...
University of Chicago brazilian

Society Dec 08, 2019

The struggles of Brazilians studying abroad

Gabriel Araújo had given up hope of attending college abroad. It was late May 2017, and while most of his peers had made it...
edtechs silicon valley

Tech Dec 06, 2019

Tech Roundup, Dec. 6, 2019 | EdTechs eyeing up the Brazilian professional market

You’re reading The Brazilian Report‘s weekly tech roundup, a digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil. This week’s topics:...
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