2018 election August 18, 2018

2018 Election 2018 Election

The military presence in Brazil’s 2018 election

military candidates brazil 2018 election

Retired Army General Hamilton Mourão rose to fame last year, after defending a military coup if Brazil’s Justice system failed to punish corrupt politicians. Now, he is a vice presidential nominee, running alongside far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro – another former member of the Brazilian Armed Forces. They are part of a growing phenomenon in Brazil:… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Brazil’s recurring phenomenon of joke candidates

Brazil 2018 election joke candidates presidential race voting

It has been 36 years since Brazil returned to a widely competitive electoral system, after roughly two decades of authoritarianism. During the military dictatorship, electoral competition was not completely suppressed, although severely hampered. A symbol of the new democratic era was the return of a multi-partisan system. Multi-partisanship had previously existed during two periods of… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

The Brazilian Report interviews Guilherme Boulos

Guilherme Boulos 2018 election brazil candidate

Born into a middle-class family, Guilherme Boulos became involved with politics around the age of 15. He joined the Communist Youth Union (UJC), a student movement originated in the Brazilian Communist Party. Then, he got closer to the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), left home, and started his militancy for the democratization of the access to… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Brazilians live in an age of mistrust

brazilian crisis representation mistrust democratic institutions nostalgia military

Brazilians seem to be looking over their shoulders more than they did in the past. And the country is not only losing faith in its institutions, but citizens have also become less confident in one another. That’s what a series of surveys carried out since 2009 by Ibope Inteligência, a polling institute, shows us. Nearly… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Why Brazilian big business is fond of Jair Bolsonaro

jair bolsonaro Why Brazilian big business is fond of Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro, the wildcard in Brazil’s 2018 presidential election, is comfortable when interviewers try to press him on social issues. Known for his homophobic, racist, and sexist statements, Mr. Bolsonaro doesn’t miss an opportunity to double down on his antics. But the leader in all opinion polls (when former President Lula is not on the… Read More »

2018 Election 2018 Election

Political polarization helps Brazilian far-right groups make a quick buck

hate speech political polarization brazil far-right online store e-commerce brazil

After mapping political polarization online, researchers Pablo Ortellado and Márcio Moretto Ribeiro stated that right-wing and left-wing people seem to exist in “wholly different universes” on the internet. In a phenomenon which is not exclusive to Brazil, social media has become a battleground and political differences have evolved into aggressive polarization. Within this strained political… Read More »