Brazilian YouTube star receives threats after criticizing Bolsonaro

Felipe Neto has tens of millions of followers on social media and has been highly critical of the Bolsonaro government. Now he has been targeted by trolls

felipe neto brazil youtuber
Felipe Neto. Photo: Still from YouTube

Felipe Neto, aged 32, rose to fame as the most prominent of Brazil’s first generation of YouTube stars, posting irreverent comedy videos directed toward a young audience, amassing over 39 million subscribers. After Jair Bolsonaro was elected president, his presence on social media became increasingly more politicized and he is now one of the most prominent critics of the current government. As such, he has also been targeted by a defamation campaign by Mr. Bolsonaro’s supporters, leading sectors of civil society to rush to his defense.

Thirty-seven Brazilian civil society organizations have published an open letter in his...

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