Deepfake videos: moral panic, or harmless fun?

The craze of deepfakes videos has made it to Brazil, a country which was plagued with fake news during last year's elections. The Brazilian Report spoke to Brazil's top deepfaker to find out more.

Deepfakes. We’ve all seen them by now. They are the short, edited videos of politicians and celebrities, saying things completely out of character, which look so plausibly genuine that at a quick glance—or on a small screen—you might catch yourself saying, “wait, did they really just say that?”

Of the most famous examples, there is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talking about the all-encompassing power of Big Data, or “Synthesizing Obama,” a project of three University of Washington researchers who created deepfake videos of former U.S. President Barack Obama.

With technology zooming ahead of detection and regulation, deepfakes have...

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