Brazil’s House Speaker shows true colors at Bolsonaro convention

Despite promising neutrality when taking office, House Speaker Arthur Lira is unashamedly backing President Bolsonaro for this year's election — and has been a crucial ally to the government

Brazil’s House Speaker Arthur Lira
Brazil’s House Speaker Arthur Lira, wearing a ‘Bolsonaro 22’ polo shirt at the right of the photo, claps as the president kisses the first lady. Photo: Eduardo Anizelli/ Folhapress

As the Liberal Party officially confirmed President Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy for this year’s election during its convention on Sunday, there was one attendee who appeared particularly keen on enjoying a photo opportunity alongside the head of state.

Standing beside the president’s family and allies — and wearing a blue “Bolsonaro 22” polo shirt — was House Speaker Arthur Lira, who upon taking office as the head of the lower house of Congress in early 2021 had promised...

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