How Sergio Moro went from national hero to legal pariah

The former Operation Car Wash judge was touted as presidential material. After multiple political and legal defeats, many now see him as toxic

How Sergio Moro went from national hero to legal pariah
Many thought Sergio Moro would outshine Jair Bolsonaro. But the president outfoxed the former judge. Photo: Marcelo Chello/Shutterstock

Exactly one year ago today, Brazil’s then-Justice Minister Sergio Moro sent shockwaves through the Brazilian political establishment. After days of public spats with President Jair Bolsonaro over control of the Federal Police, Mr. Moro called a press conference to announce his resignation and explain the reasons behind his decision.

The exiting minister alleged that Mr. Bolsonaro had tried, on numerous occasions, to interfere with federal probes and illegally obtain police reports of sealed investigations into members of his entourage.

“The president clearly told me, more than once, that he wanted someone of personal confidence. Someone he could call and...

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