Sergio Moro resigns as Justice Minister and goes out swinging

The poster boy for anti-corruption in Brazil, Justice Minister Sergio Moro resigns, accusing his boss of illegal interference in the Federal Police

Sergio Moro Justice Minister Brazil
Sergio Moro. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Justice Minister Sergio Moro resigned from the government this morning, accusing President Jair Bolsonaro of interfering politically in the Federal Police. 

Tensions between Mr. Moro and the president reached a breaking point on Thursday, when it was announced that Mr. Bolsonaro intended to fire the Federal Police Chief Marcelo Valeixo.

Having appointed Mr. Valeixo as a trustworthy ally, Sergio Moro revolted against the government’s decision and threatened resignation. Sources heard by The Brazilian Report say that he was temporarily convinced to back down, but saying he would abandon his post if he was not allowed to appoint Mr. Valeixo’s successor.


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