Bolsonaro fears the reaper as Covid hearings kick off

Bolsonaro's pandemic response will be under the microscope. Whatever the probe's outcome, it is unlikely to be positive for the president

As Congress kicks off pandemic hearings, Bolsonaro strikes back
Following probe request, Bolsonaro will lash at the Supreme Court. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

Nearly three decades have passed since Brazil’s Congress held its most famous and consequential hearings committee – known in Brazil as CPIs – to date. 

Between June and August 1992, lawmakers of both houses investigated the secret dealings of Paulo César Farias, who was a financial caretaker for then-President Fernando Collor. Previously Mr. Collor’s campaign treasurer, he acted as a bridge between the president and dirty businesses willing to pay bribes in exchange for hefty contracts, once the new government took office.

The Collor administration tried but failed...

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