Brazil’s first impeached president: “I see the same situation happening now”

Former President Fernando Collor, impeached in 1992, spoke about the chances of similar proceedings being brought against Jair Bolsonaro

collor impeachment bolsonaro
Former President and current Senator Fernando Collor de Mello. Photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ABr

A retelling of the history of Brazilian politics would be incomplete without the name Fernando Collor de Mello. In 1990, at age 40, he was sworn in as the country’s first democratically elected president after 21 years of military dictatorship. Two years later, he also became the first Brazilian head of state to be impeached, following mounting corruption allegations. 

But the story of the Collor de Mello clan does not start with Fernando. His grandfather Lindolfo Collor was a key member of the 1930 coup d’état that consolidated Getulio Vargas’ grip on power, and he was made Brazil’s...

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