Congress wants to repeal censorship law. Is the replacement any better?

The 1983 National Security Law has been used as a tool to intimidate demonstrators. Lawmakers hope to introduce a replacement, but will it be any better?

bolsonaro accused of being a nazi
Anti-Bolsonaro protester with a “Bolso-Nazi” T-shirt. In March, a group was briefly detained for associating the president with Nazism. Photo: PhotoCarioca/Shutterstock

Writing on Twitter last week, Brazil’s House Speaker Arthur Lira said there is a “strong desire in the lower house to vote on the new Rule-Based Democracy Law,” replacing the country’s National Security Law, an outdated legal instrument the Jair Bolsonaro administration uses to harass critics. The idea, sources tell The Brazilian Report, is to fast-track the bill in Congress, allowing it to bypass issue-based committees and go straight to a floor vote. While construed as a middle-finger to President Bolsonaro, Mr. Lira’s target lies elsewhere in Brasília Three Powers Square.

The new law includes an article...

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