Legal scholars split over legality of pro-Bolsonaro lawmaker arrest

The House of Representatives will now have to decide whether to uphold the Supreme Court's arrest of Daniel Silveira

Lawmaker Daniel Silveira fake news probe
The Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Congressman Daniel Silveira. Photo: Luis Macedo/CD/ASCOM/CN

Brazilian law enforcement arrested pro-Bolsonaro lawmaker Daniel Silveira late on Tuesday night after he published a video online verbally threatening members of the Supreme Court and advocating anti-democratic measures. The case sparked an institutional crisis in Brazil, pitting the Legislative branch against the Judiciary in a conflict over free speech, parliamentary immunity, and the protection of democracy.

In the video, Mr. Silveira called for the return of Institutional Act Number 5 (AI-5), a decree issued by the military dictatorship in 1968 which allowed the government to dissolve Congress and suspend a series of constitutional guarantees, eventually...

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