The challenges for Brazil’s new Chief Justice

Luiz Fux takes the reins of Brazil's Supreme Court in a moment when it faces a crisis of legitimacy and attacks from President Jair Bolsonaro

Chief Justice Luiz Fux
Chief Justice Luiz Fux speaks to reporters. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Since the moment he entered the bench back in 1983, Luiz Fux dreamed of the day when he would become one of the 11 members of the Supreme Court. After almost a decade of intense behind-the-scenes lobbying (asking for support from both landless workers leaders and wealthy businessmen), he finally fulfilled his dream in 2011. And now, at 67, Justice Fux has reached the pinnacle of his career, beginning his two-year term as the court’s Chief Justice.

And the stakes are higher than ever. 

Brazil faces what is arguably the biggest crisis since its return to democracy in 1985 — ruled by...

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