Bolsonaro has threatened military intervention several times, say sources

The Brazilian Report can confirm that the president threatened to shut down the Supreme Court. This was not his only promise of a self-coup

President Bolsonaro coup
Putschist talks to “blow off steam.” Photo: Marcos Corrêa/P

In a meeting with at least six close advisors on May 22, President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to launch a self-coup by closing Brazil’s Supreme Court and replacing all 11 of its justices. “I’m going to intervene!” he repeated, several times, as was reported by monthly magazine Piauí. In conversations with sources close to the president, The Brazilian Report was able to confirm the veracity of this information. However, this was not the only time Mr. Bolsonaro threatened a coup.

The Brazilian Report spoke with two participants of the May 22 meeting, four sources who were told about the content...

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