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🇻🇪 Make the Bolívar Great Again!

Hello, and welcome to the Latin America Weekly newsletter! In this issue: Maduro’s new plan for the Bolívar. Pollution in Mexico. And Honduras’s controversial charter cities.

Venezuela tries to make Bolívar stronger

Due to the economic crisis and hyperinflation in Venezuela, the unofficial dollar exchange rate reaches VEF 250,000 for USD 1. Photo: Sunsinger/Shutterstock
Hyperinflation has trounced Venezuela’s currency, the Bolívar. Photo: Sunsinger/Shutterstock

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has launched a new plan to de-dollarize the economy, in a move to get USD 3 billion circulating in the country converted into the local tender, the Bolívar. The government hopes the move will rekindle trust in the currency, which has been trounced by hyperinflation and the deep socio-economic crisis that engulfed the country over the past decade.

The plan. To encourage the...

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