WHO: Brazil needs to be serious about the pandemic, despite vaccines

WHO: Brazil needs to be serious about the pandemic
Photo: RafaPress/Shutterstock

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) emergency expert Michael Ryan said the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines does not mean countries should relax their coronavirus restrictions, mentioning Brazil’s increase of cases and how it poses a threat to other countries. 

“Now is not the time for Brazil, or anywhere else for that matter, to be relaxing,” he said. 

Brazil recorded its all-time record of daily Covid-19 deaths this week, with more than 1,900 casualties reported on March 4. 

Brazil, a problem for South America

The Amazon coronavirus variant is already a regional threat, causing concern for the WHO. Twice as contagious according to preliminary studies, the viral mutation seen in Amazonas state was already encountered in Venezuela and Argentina, which extended its restrictions on flights from Brazil. Peru and Colombia have also closed their air borders with Brazil due to fears of the so-called P.1. variant. 

“If Brazil is not serious, then it will continue to affect the whole neighborhood there and beyond,” said the organization.

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