Argentina: pot-banging protests follow vaccine scandal

Demonstrators in front of Argentina presidential palace call out the government for "VIP vaccine" scandal. Photo: Instrumenta/Shutterstock
Demonstrators in front of Argentina’s presidential palace call out the government for “VIP vaccine” scandal. Photo: Instrumenta/Shutterstock

For two days in a row, the city of Buenos Aires has seen pot-banging protests against the government following a recent vaccine scandal in Argentina.

In February, news broke that 70 high-ranking Argentinian officials had cut the vaccine priority line to secure immunization for themselves. The majority of those accused were linked to the Health Ministry, including department head Ginés González García, who resigned on February 20.

A study by pollster Synopsis showed that 70 percent of citizens believe the true number of officials cutting in line for vaccines is much higher and said the scandal could influence their choices in the October legislative elections. 

More protests in front of Congress are expected during March. 

Mr. Fernández is calling the case “an error,” but is being accused of belittling the situation. He said that skipping the vaccine line is regrettable but not unlawful and asked citizens not to politicize the issue.

Argentina started rolling out vaccines on December 24. On February 28, the country reached the milestone of 1 million shots administered.

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