Protests September 25, 2018

Brazil’s freight pricing crisis, explained

Brazil's freight pricing crisis, explained

When independent Brazilian truckers staged a 10-day strike late in May, the whole country went on a shutdown mode. As two-thirds of cargo transportation in Brazil is made through roadways, several regions experienced fuel and food shortages, hospitals postponed surgeries, millions of animals died of hunger as their feed never reached its destination. When the… Read More »

Brazilian agribusiness loses over BRL 5 billion with truckers’ strike

Brazilian agribusiness

The Brazilian agribusiness industry was one of the worst-affected by the 10-day truckers’ strike which ended last week. Animal breeders, who depend on deliveries of food, saw many of their animals die of starvation and cannibalism. Meanwhile, vegetable and fruit producers were forced to discard a big chunk of their production – which couldn’t make… Read More »

Pollution decrease: the bright side of the truckers’ strike

pollution levels sao paulo

The 10-day truckers’ strike that drove Brazil into chaos and even brought about calls for a military coup from far-right protesters and agri-business leaders also had a positive side effect: reduced levels of pollution in Brazil’s biggest city. Paulo Saldiva, a researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP), decided to measure air quality levels… Read More »

Who will pay for Brazil’s subsidies to diesel?

diesel prices

After Brazilian truckers staged a 10-day strike and drove the country into chaos, the federal administration has agreed to lower diesel prices through subsidies, as Petrobras’s pricing policy will remain – at least for now. President Michel Temer announced a BRL 0.46/liter reduction, which will cost at least BRL 9.6 billion in this year’s budget.… Read More »

Who are the truckers driving Brazil into chaos?

Who are the truckers driving Brazil into chaos?

Since May 21, Brazilian truckers have staged nationwide protests by blocking roads and creating fuel and food shortages in nearly every Brazilian urban center. The weak federal administration has caved to every single demand presented by the truckers, from lowering diesel prices to giving tax exemptions to transportation companies. Last week, The Brazilian Report showed… Read More »

After truckers, Petrobras workers begin strike

petrobras workers strike oil and gas

First it was the truckers – now, Petrobras employees are also going on strike. Oil workers have started a 72-hour halt, demanding changes at the top of Brazil’s oil and gas company. They are fighting Petrobras’s new pricing policy, which directly reflects the fluctuations of oil prices in the international market. The fact that oil… Read More »

Controlled prices or free market? The Petrobras dilemma

petrobras brazil oil prices

Founded in 1953, Petrobras has grown to become the country’s largest corporation, being featured in the Fortune 500 list for 23 straight years. Brazil’s oil and gas company is a mixed-capital company. Its shares are split between the federal government – which has a 50.26 percent stake – and private investors. The company went public… Read More »

Why is Brazil so dependent on truckers?

Why is Brazil so dependent on truckers?

After four days of blockades, Brazilian truckers have managed to bend the federal administration into accepting their demands for cheaper fuel. Michel Temer’s government will subsidize diesel from this point forward, something that will cost billions to an already cash-strapped administration. While part of the truckers’ victory can be attributed to the weakness and incompetence… Read More »