Bolivia sends 47,000 vaccines to Santa Cruz hotspot

Vaccines get to Santa Cruz, a Bolivian coronavirus hotspot.
Vaccines get to Santa Cruz, a Bolivian coronavirus hotspot. Photo: Minsal/BO

The Bolivian government announced it will send 47,000 Covid-19 vaccines to the province of Santa Cruz, one of the country’s most affected regions during the pandemic. The region received 100,000 doses last week but requested more amid a health crisis. 

Santa Cruz is Bolivia‘s largest province and is home to most of the country’s new Covid-19 cases. According to a report from the Health Ministry on March 1, of Bolivia’s 757 new cases, 355 came in Santa Cruz.

Health Minister Jeyson Auza said health authorities in Santa Cruz are “unprepared” for carrying out vaccination, as information regarding the exact date and number of doses available is “unclear” to the population.

Bolivia has recorded 249,767 coronavirus cases and 11,666 deaths. Immunization plan director Max Enríquez Nava says the country plans to vaccinate 83,500 citizens per day.

As of February 28, 7,700 Bolivians have received their second vaccine dose and 13,303 have had a single dose, the majority being health professionals.

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