⚠️ BREAKING: São Paulo lifts weekend restrictions

BREAKING: São Paulo lifts weekend restrictions
“Coronavirus, protect yourself,” reads sign. Photo: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock

The state of São Paulo has decided to roll back its restrictions on the operation of non-essential businesses on weekday evenings and weekends. According to Governor João Doria, the measure is no longer necessary as intensive care unit admissions have fallen 11 percent and daily deaths have stabilized.

The seven-day rolling average of daily confirmed deaths in São Paulo has fallen 3 percent over the past two weeks.

The state adopted stricter quarantine measures on January 25 and planned to keep them until February 8. While the local Covid-19 situation has stabilized momentarily, Mr. Doria’s restrictions made the state government a target for disgruntled business owners. 

On Monday, a group of truck drivers blocked a highway on the outskirts of the state capital in a protest against Mr. Doria.

Mr. Doria also launched a BRL 125-million bailout program for companies in the tourism, events, and restaurant sectors. The funds will come through credit lines with local public banks. Companies can also opt to settle or renegotiate their debts using the money.

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