Why Brazil’s latest truckers’ strike flopped

With echoes of 2018, Brazilians feared the worst when truckers announced a strike for February 1. But this protest was a flop

truckers strike flop brazil
Truckers protesting high fuel prices and low freight fares. Photo: Tomaz Silva/ABr

In 2018, Brazil was engulfed by chaos as disgruntled truck drivers called a nationwide strike. For 11 days, protesters blocked major roadways and goods did not leave storage depots, leading to food and fuel shortages in several parts of the country. Agricultural producers incurred billion-dollar losses to their production as livestock starved to death, dairy products spoiled, and major shipments were delayed. So, when truckers’ unions called for an even larger protest on Monday, many braced for the worst.

Over 60 percent of all cargo in Brazil is transported by trucks. If we exclude crude oil and...

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